Wednesday, 23 May 2012

WOYWW 155 + Starting Point

Well I hope the weather is as wonderful where you right now.  It is positively glorious here and I can only hope for such weather next week when we are on a farm in Devon!  I was able to photograph a stack of layouts in the garden which for me is by far the best place to get a decent shot.  I have one more to finish up (a little sewing perhaps) which you can see on the corner of my desk, but in the main I am still working on the Christmas stuff.

A different view for you this week (cos I was standing on the wonk!)

And yes I DO use all those different sized rolls of dots and tapes.  And no I am not usually able to open the doors onto the garden there because there is usually enough breeze to send things flying.

Some of the layouts I managed to photograph today were ones I completed on Saturday at the crop, including this Starting Point from Shimelle.  The papers are This and That Graceful by Echo Park and I ADORE them!

This was Bella's first time of having her toe's painted but it reminded me of all the reasons why I was so excited about having a little girl after having a boy.

And here she is, rocking the tutu and rugby shirt look after her ballet lesson.  This shirt is her first official England Rugby shirt - a present from our recent trip to Twickenham.

Just turned 3 and full of attitude!

Bye for now. xx


  1. Oh, this made me smile!! I love the photos of Bella and the LO is just brilliant. You have such an eye for colour and design.
    I really hope the weather continues fine for your hols. I've been catching up with all the jobs that need doing in the garden - and dad-sitting too. He came back with us after the funeral. Thank you for all your support and lovely comments, really helped :)
    Hugs, lLJ #57 xx

  2. Such a cutie and a trip to Twickenham too!! i went once... to see the eagles tho not Rugby!! maybe soon tho:D love that gorgeous layout, hope you won't mind me using it for inspiration? that's one of the reasons why i wanted a daughter too:D first time lucky:D
    Happy WOYWW day
    Lisa #16

  3. Oh what a cutie! Lovely layout too.

    Happy WOYWW

    Zoe #76

  4. I just love that layout, such wonderful colours. And the photos of Bella are wonderful, I saw them all on FB. Divine


  5. Love the rugby shirt and tutu combo, what a style queen!!

    But, what is the thing over by the patio doors that looks like you stole it from a lollipop lady!!!!

    ** Kate **

  6. awww brilliant photos of your daughter.......I want one of those rugby shirts! We're off to watch a testimonial game on Sunday, will have to keep an eye out for a similar said shirt!lol!

    The strong floral papers on your layout work perfectly with your it xx

  7. Love the layout but I grinned at the tutu and rugby shirt combi!! Have a great day, Helen 17

  8. Bella is such a little cutie, love the rugby shirt with the tutu, very fetching. Your layout is gorgeous. Happy WOYWW, Anne #18

  9. Just like everyone else, of course I am loving that combination! I'd love to try it out myself - that would scare the kids lol!

  10. Bella is so sweet love the matcho/ballerina look! I also love your big table and your l.os look perfect to...i hope you have a good time on the farm.

  11. Bella is so cute loving her look of tutu & shirt! Great layouts too. Take care and enjoy this sunny & warm WOYWW. Zo xx 80

  12. Aww Bella is really rocking that look! Gorgeous xx And yes it's great to have a girl, although mine is not the toe nail painting type!

  13. Bella is Gorgeous.... what a fab table for creating your fabby layouts.. Hugs May x x#30

  14. Awww, bless her cottons - so sweet! Lovely layout, and a good demonstration of why we scrapbook. It's all the little things!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  15. Love the rugby shirt with tutu combo. Do you think they'd look at me funny is I wore that to work? I think you do have to have a bit of an attitude to pull that look off though. And yes, OF COURSE, you need all those rolls of tape and dots, none of us are questioning the logic or need of it all. Nice sunshiny view from your desk.

  16. Bella is so beautiful in her tutu and your layout is great, I love the chrysanthemum flower next to the rose. Thanks for sharing

    Eliza #49

  17. I have a Bella myself, lol! Your little ballerina is just so adorable!!! Your workspace and layout are gorgeous - well done, you!

    Jeannie #75

  18. That poor wonk, having you stand on him. They don't like it, you know!!

    Little Bella is adorable! I love all the pictures of her, and her little toes being painted! Just gorgeous! There's something so cute about a tutu with a rugby shirt...

    Whereabouts in Devon is the farm you are going to for your hols? I hope you have a wonderful time and that the weather remains good for you. It's no good for me, but I'm not such a spoilsport that I'd want it to ruin anyone's holidays by being more comfortable for me lol!!

    We had a lovely anniversary outing together today, to the newly re-opened museum after its long refit, and yes, I did manage to make my hubby a card! It's on my blog now, andhe was very pleased with it.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #133

  19. Fab LO..and fab fashion statement by Bella!
    Alison xx

  20. Great outfit, I wish I could pull that look off! The layout is lovely too, the Echo Park Graceful collection is lovely isn't it? Love your detail in the top left corner. x

  21. a darling photo set on a beautiful page! Lovely work!! :D


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