Thursday, 22 November 2012

Crazy busy

I'm trying not to panic and trying to laugh about these things but, well, you know me, anxiety is my middle name.

I'm about 5 weeks behind on my Open University writing course.  The room where I do my writing is about to have a bit of wall taken out so everything has had to come out.  My craft room, where I like to write too, is awash with Sylvanian Families, Lego and beads that need to be made into Christmas presents.  I can't get to my table and I have several craft deadlines to complete and a retreat to prepare for.

After the leak a few weeks ago, we have had to move most of the stuff out of the utility room / children's art room so the floor can dry out and the cupboards can be replaced at some point.  The downstairs bathroom is being ripped out and replaced, hence the bit of wall being taken out in the spare room (for some reason the bath was recessed into that room!)

I wanted to show you lots of photos of the work going on but now I am having blogger issues because I am over the upload space and I have no idea how to fix it.  Any ideas?

I've been using a new recipe for my Christmas cakes but I burned one of the many I need to make so Management (who has been VERY poorly indeed) cut off all the edges.  I think I shall make a cup of tea and do a taste test on said cake.  Anyone else want a cup?

Bye for now


  1. It's no help to say that it is what is and let it go on around you, because it's not in your DNA. Try to think less about the specific things that each room is for and make the rooms do the multi tasking....bed sounds like a good safe place from which to conduct everything! New will be worth it it will be worth it.

  2. Hope you get on top of everything soon. I'm intrigued by what you are making with Sylvanian Families

  3. My mantra at this time of year.
    This too shall pass and it's only a roast dinner with crackers!

    Does that help?


  4. Eat the cake, have a cuppa and breathe. Then find a spot to do these things from, do the "worst first" and try to keep breathing. I agree with the others, it shoud definitely not be stressful, but I can understand that having half the house in uproar would do it. Cn you cancel some stuff? Good luck anyway xxx

  5. oh lisa-jane, any kind of work on the house disrupts everything - hope you get straight soon.

    The Picasa photo thingy you mentioned happened to me too. DH sorted it out, i think i had to download google chrome to get more space. If you google it, it will tell you how to do it (i think!) xx good luck xx

  6. Sounds like you're up to your eyes in it at the moment, bet you're taking lots of deep breaths! Hope it's all sorted quickly x

  7. Breathe!
    Sounds like you have a LOT on your plate atm - but remember only one thing can be achieved by you at any one time. So tick off one thing every hour and reward 3 things with a break!
    The photo blogger thing ... I use Photobucket for my pics and link rather than upload them to blogger ... no limit hit yet!

  8. Make that cup of tea, eat some cake and BREATHE! Jemma's advice sounds like a good idea
    Alison xx

  9. In our old house we always seemed to have a DIY project on the go in the run up to Christmas so I feel your pain. I like Jaki's comment and she's right you know xx

  10. Oh my goodness, that's a lot of up-side-down! I hope by the time you are reading this that things have settled a bit for you. Remember, it's all temporary... xo


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