Wednesday, 27 February 2013


Do I still have piles?  Actually not so much.  There is a little pile of cards (some of which I hope you can tell, were not made by me...) which was a result of Monday's craft morning with my baby girl.  I made a couple of emergency cards myself plus one for my Mum at the weekend which almost counts as thinking ahead in my book.

Centre stage are the results of a cutting spree on my Silhouette.  We had a bit of a falling out, my Cameo and me, when it refused to cut cleanly.  I Googled, as one does these days, and cleaned out the blade, but still no joy.  It seems that I have somehow broken a tiny piece off of the blade because a new one worked beautifully.  I haven't used it much so I am a bit gutted that it has broken already as they should last for months and months.  Hey ho.  We live and learn and hopefully don't break too many more...

I am really really pleased with what I can produce on it though and I am really looking forward to using those backgrounds on my layouts this coming weekend at the retreat.

Elsewhere in the house I am working on some canvasses with shells and pebbles on.  One of those things that you see in a shop and think "I could probably do that myself" and then find that you can't.  But try I will!

What's on your desk this fine Wednesday morning?  Let the world have a nosy, do, and join up with WOYWW at Julia's because the weather is miserable here and it will cheer us all up :-)

Bye for now


  1. Looks like you've been having a lovely girly craft time there by the look of those lovely cards. I haven't ventured into electronic cutting machines, not sure whether I would use it enough but those little hearts look great.
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #70

  2. Love the hearts, hope your blade behaves in future! Have a good week, Helen #8

  3. aw, nice to craft with baby gal...i must say that she makes a great card for her age. Like the results of your cutting , however least youve discovered the fault..i would have just put the thing away for later! so what's the material for??

  4. Looks very creative, I adore my Silhoutte, I'm sure it must have been doddgy blade (touch wood) mine has been working months a months an cuts most days. Only grunge paper does blunt it slightly

  5. great looking desk. Love the cards on the upper left. I have had problems with my Cricut and have thought about buying one of those Tim Holtz eclipse machines. Hope you have a great week and thanks for sharing with us! Vickie #41

  6. loving the backgrounds on your desk and look forward to seeing them being used and I hope you will be showing the canvas when finished
    Happy WOYWW hope you have a great day
    Ria #48

  7. Funnily enough, us three gals from the pic were talking about how we see things, think how easy it must be to do....and then discover otherwise! But your shells canvas sounds great, we must have a peep!
    Bella does a great card btw...amazing considering she's so little. Obviously got the crafting genes :)
    Hugs, LLJ 38 xxxx

    Ps Franklins is good but expensive...I didn't buy much there. Went to Fabricland instead!!!

  8. Beautiful projects on the go,
    love the idea of your canvas too x
    Happy WOYWW Heather #85

  9. The background looks fab - clever machine even if it did have a faulty blade!! The canvas sounds fab - can't wait to see it!! Miss B has made some lovely cards! See you soon!!!! Squeeaaaallllll!! xxx

  10. Not sure I'd get on with an electronic cutter, I love my Cuttlebug far too much (I see you have one on the shelf too!!) Hope you find a way to do your canvas. Thanks for visiting me, BJ #58

  11. I love to see what you lucky cameo owners can come up with :)

  12. Aww crafting with your girl, is there anything better? Good luck with those canvasses, I'm sure you'll get there in the end xx
    Fiona #137 (maybe?!)

  13. I like the hearts in circles, it's going to make a great page background. Do you spy on Melissa's blog? She has a great video with something a little similar - might be good for some inspiration here.

    ** Kate **

  14. Howdy,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog for WOYWW!

    Sorry no video of my Freebie Tutorial for fabric beads. Maybe I'll do photos later...


  15. when i saw this in my blog reader "Do I still have piles?" i wondered what i was going to read :)!!

    lucky you having a cameo! xx

  16. glad your piles have gone hee hee! isn't it frustrating when tools dont' work properly, what did we do before google? I did some crafting with my 20 month GD this week.... stickers, stickers, stickers .... she's got a lot to learn and happy to teach her
    janet #30

  17. Aww, it looks like it is going to be a lovely layout.
    I went for the sizzix eclips in the end and I have been lucky so far, I just love, love, love a die cutter :) xxx

  18. Great post and great picture, Lisa Jane! I'm so sorry you had trouble with your Cameo like that. I don't have one, but I know about them and know they are not cheap, so I would be hopping mad. You have a great attitude!

    Thank you for visiting me already! Have a fantastic week! Darnell #34

  19. Hi Lisa-Jane, thanks for visiting my blog, I can identify with the notion that I can make something I see in a shop...sometimes works out sometimes not but you gotta have a go.
    Elaine #51

  20. I understand the love hate relationship with the Cameo. My mat doesn't load correctly without my intervention. But I still love using it! LOL April #151

  21. me too! I am always seening stuff and thinking "I can make that!" happy WOYWW Lindsay #134

  22. love my craft robo the old version of yours, can't wait to see what you do with your cutting. Thanks for sharing Tracy#72


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