Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Its a bit of an empty desk this week.  Management and I swap cars when I go to a crop rather than have the kerfuffle over the car seats and all my stiff is STILL in the boot of his car.  I just about got through the crop but I didn't feel right.  I had a headache all day and I was so so tired.  I was in agony with stomach pains by the time I got home and it turns out that I've got another ovarian cyst.  I've pretty much been under a blanket since then but I'm managing without painkillers now so it looks like it is buggering off again thank goodness.

I've also moved my writing stuff out into the study now that it has all been decorated in there and that makes the desk look really bare here!  A few layouts that I'm in the middle of but need to be finished at home, Scrap365 to be read, the pink folder is my Parent Governors information and the Jiffy envelope had those circular frames in which will be the labels for the side of my albums.  I got this idea from a fellow WOYWW-er and I'm so sorry that I can't recall who it was!

That khaki bag in the middle there was just delivered and it is very exciting!  Its a Real Adventure Den Kit for Louis for his birthday, sshhh!  His birthday is while we are away at the farm which is a perfect place to try it out!

And here is the full layout that I gave you a sneak of last week.  This was for an Inspiration post for S J Crafts and I just love the way it turned out.  

What's on your desk this week?  Show us what you are up to and link up with Julia over at Stamping Ground.  Have a great week!

Bye for now


  1. Great layout, I like the look of the adventure kit.


  2. I'm feeling for your Lisa, I'm suffering the same!! Not funny is it?
    Love your LO and enjoy Scrap 365, I've devoured mine cover to cover!!
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #70

  3. Ah man, the OCysts are awful, poor you. Love the look of your desk..single minded again - will you find writing in the study difficult as it's a new environment I wonder?!
    Gorgeous LO - am following SJ on FB now, you lot are indeed very inspiring.

  4. sorry to hear about the cyst, glad you are on the mend! Love the desk. Helen 5

  5. Good to hear your on the mend & feeling better. What a lovely LO . Jill #37

  6. Firstly, so sorry to hear you've not been well, glad to hear your feeling more like you.

    Ok next ... I love seeing your desk, I really do. It's true and it's you. You don't "dress" it for photos - I must admit I don't check out many other desks, but I so enjoy seeing yours x

    Love that layout as well ... See, I win win visit for me today seeing your desk x

  7. Aw, no! I hope you do feel a lot better..

    I'm loving that title on your page..really pulled me in with its striking shape

  8. Lovely layout and what a great present. Hope you are feeling better soon
    Famfa 101

  9. Hi Lisa-Jane
    so sorry to hear that you have been so unwell sending you hugs and positive thoughts and hope you feel better soon.
    Love your page layout really cool
    Sending hugs and hoping you have a great day
    Ria #74

  10. Wow that sounds really painful, hope you dont get it again and it rights itself.
    Love that layout
    Bridget #11

  11. Poor you, feeling so pants again.....:-(. I think you need a break.....
    I love that LO with the stars and your just makes me smile!
    Hugs, LLJ 40 xxxx

  12. What a gorgeous layout. I love Scrap365, shame it went to half the number of editions a year.
    Hope you're feeling better soon.
    Happy WOYWW. Pam#20

  13. i really do think that layout is brilliant..and wish i had one of those cutting machines!

    Sorry to hear you are suffering. Hope the pain relief is helping. It must be a week for staying under the blanket!! Sending you hugs too x

  14. Hi Lisa-Jane, I feel for you, ive had one of these cysts and you never forget the pain and the overwhelming tiredness it causes, mine was surgically removed due to its size. Hope yours sorts itself out. I Really love your scrapbook layout all those stars look great. Thanks for your visit earlier. Hugs Mo x #60

  15. So sorry to hear about your cyst. Hope you soon feel fully better. Your desk looks great. I am so disorganised and messy I don't think anybody could get any organisational tips from me sadly :( Love your layout, the stars are smashing! xxx Julie Ann

  16. Love your layout. so sorry you have to smile through the pain.
    I might be excited if i could actually see my desk!
    Thanks for welcoming me and visiting my place
    robyn 94

  17. Cute page. I hope you feel better soon. April#131

  18. A great page layout, and I bet that adventure kit will be great fun!
    Thanks for visiting, hope you continue to recover and end up having a pain-free, creative week.

  19. Hope you're feeling a bit better - great layout, and enjoy your farm/birthday trip :-)

    Debs #115

  20. Gosh sounds like you had a rough time - hope it's all better now! Lovely layout. Thanks for stopping by, Cindy #95

  21. So very sorry to hear that you have been in pain. :( I love the die cut stars backed with patterned paper -- very cool. Hope your son has a great birthday -- that kit looks like fun. Thanks for visiting me! ~ Laura #107

  22. Your desk looks nice and busy! Love your layout!!

  23. beautiful page and lots of fun stuff on the desk! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Lindsay #114

  24. Your desk does look a bit bare this week! Hope you're feeling better x


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