Wednesday, 9 April 2014


Rushing in briefly to join in with WOYWW.  As you may have read last week we were putting our house on the market that day.  It sold in the first viewing!  We've since been rushing around to find a house for us and I can tell you that there is a real shortage!  People are fighting over viewing appointments - its a crazy time.  Add to that the school holidays, Miss Bella's 5th birthday and associated party, a trip to Wales, a craft retreat in the Cotswolds and now a poorly husband and you can see why my desk is not in use again this week.  I even rushed to take the picture and didn't check it hence the dodgy angle.

Because I haven't had much chance to prepare for the retreat and I can't spread loads of stuff out because our buyers are coming several times in the next couple of days, I am just grabbing large collections and a big bundle of photos and hoping for the best!  I can't train with the children off school either but I did reward myself with my previous hard work by purchasing the Project Life Jade kit to use with some of the camping photos from last year.  It doesn't go exactly with the Echo Park Happy Camper collection you can see just above it but it goes well enough that I think I can make it work.  Check back next week to see if it worked!  I've also got loads of DT stuff outstanding too but luckily the team is a bit bigger now so our projects can be spread out a bit and Sarah is wonderful at appreciating that life sometimes doesn't allow for crafting, no matter how much we would like it too!

Right, another play date beckons but at least the weather is dry enough for them to get out in the garden (at the moment!!)

This post is brought to you by the wonders of What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday.

Bye for now


  1. Some lovely things on your desk this week. I really wish you good luck with the house hunting. I'm a mortgage administrator and some of the agents have as little as 4 houses on their books at the moment, one of them only has one! It's so hard for buyers at the moment but I'm sure you'll find something soon xx

  2. You chose just the right time to sell I think, but a sale on the first viewing is amazing! Enjoy the sunshine xx

    Fiona #48

  3. I've got a PL kit out on my desk as well. Good luck with everything, and I will be checking back.

  4. I hope the rain held off. Luckily I brought my washing in from drying on the line before the rain visited us this afternoon!

    I'm sure you can make the different kits work together. [I'm wondering how many ATG guns there are to spot on all the workdesks today ...]

    Julie :-) #68

  5. That's fantastic news about the house. I'm looking forward to hearing more about wherever you find (love talking about houses..)

  6. G'day Lisa Jane
    I haven't participated in WOYWW for maybe 9 months and I am trying to get to as many as I can this week...woot to the house sale...ours did similar here in Oz except it didn't even get to the real estate agent and was sold to a friend even before listing! I hope you find a new home soon. Have fun with the kids as they really do grow up way to fast. The colours of the project life pad look gorgeous and I'm sure they will look great when you have time to play with them!
    Annette In Oz #23

  7. Hi there... !WOW.. congrats on the house selling so quick.
    I am new to project life, I am so new, I haven't started, but you give me inspiration. Thanks for sharing your desk!
    Now if messy desks are fun (which they really are) , then I am having a super duper FUN time. LOL
    happy WOYWW
    kimmer #103 (last again for the 4th time , I really don't plan this) LOL

  8. Wow - I'm amazed you found time to WOYWW this week! Congrats on the house sale, I hope it all goes through smoothly and that you're soon settled in a new home, crafting away. Have a great week, Chris # 35

  9. wonderful news about the house. Good luck. It looks like it'll all work together perfectly...funny enough i purchased the camper paper and stickers last week x

  10. Well, with all that going on I'm not surprised you haven't much time for crafting. Congratulations on finding a buyer so quickly ... hope you soon find the perfect home for you and your family. Have a good weekend. Elizabeth x #77


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