Wednesday, 6 July 2011

WOYWW 109 - Two spaces to share today

Good morning Wednesday!  I have 2 spaces to share with you this week

 I finally finished my pirates but I'm not totally happy with them.  I picked up the wrong pen when I was doing the outline and its too thick.  I think I've decided that doing art for other people is too stressful and I'm glad its done and I will be relieved when the little boy has them in his grasp.  If they go on the wall, fine, if not, that's fine too.  Now I can get on with my art journal from Kirsty Wiseman's MIMM class!

And as for my other space.... well let's just say that's a work in progress.  I'm hoping to do an on-line crop with Kirsty this evening so I need to have a bit of a tidy up as I don't have any space at all!

I've got lots of stuff to put away including the layout that B got hold of and ahem.. altered, here. That new stash needs to be put away too which includes my new little brayer - its so cute and it has little feet so you don't put paint on your work surface.

In other news, I started the C25k running program yesterday and I am officially being ultra good with my syns on Slimming World as I'm wasting money and time by doing it half heartedly.  I'm also trying to update my iPod with some tracks that are the right rhythm for me to run to - watch this space to see if I ever make it to the 5k mark!  Today I am feeling sore and stiff from the new release of Body Balance though so I am glad of a day off, aside from the dreaded housework!

But before I start that, I think I'll have a little peruse around some other crafty spaces listed on Julia's blog.

Have fun, bye for now!


  1. I LOVE the Pirates, LJ. I'm sure the little boy will be very chuffed with them and I have no doubt they'll go on his wall!

  2. Those pirates are stunning think they look great even with thick pen .Iwouldnt alter for the world .Im sure they will be pleased with the result too.Happy creative wednesday
    hugs judex 15

  3. I think the pirates are fab!!

  4. I think the pirates are fab!

    I'm always falling foul of thick pen syndrome because 1. I'm not good enough at art 2. I'm too stingy to buy pens in every thickness I actually need!

  5. I too like your pirates they look great - thanks for sharing

  6. Your pirates look great from here, your desk looks like a fun place to play too, have a good week.

  7. yup commissions are a two edged sword..

    the difference between work and play methinks...


  8. Your pirate are great! I used to do stuff for others but not anymore way too stressful!
    Great desk!

  9. The pirates are brilliant! Love them.

  10. I love your pirates will the child I am sure ...I know our Robbie would adore them ...his theme for his birthday later in the month, is pirates. Good luck with the running ...and slimming ...I REALLY need to get back to watching what goes in my mouth lol

  11. The pirates are great...what's not to like!?
    Alison xx

  12. The pirates look fantastic no thick lines that I can see. Thank you for sharing
    Kathleen x

  13. Your pirates are amazing, Lisa-Jane. They look fantastic to me and I'm sure they'll be loved by the little boy whose wall they are bound to adorn.
    You make me feel tired with all your running and slimming!! Good Luck with it all.
    hugs Lisa #106

  14. The finished pirates look amazing!

    Good luck with the running.

    ** Kate **

  15. Love those pirates! I wouldn't change a thing! They turned out just adorable! Good luck with the online crop and thanks for sharing the space!- Amanda #33

  16. I think your Pirates aaaarrrrr terrific!!
    Two desks , how busy are you?
    Keep smiling and creating

  17. Ahh! I think the pirates look great! Lea x

  18. I think the pirates look fab! good luck with your running and slimming.
    thanks for popping by earlier

  19. Nice looking desk and workspace. Love the pirates. I don't see anything wrong with them and I enlarged them to see what you were talking about being too thick. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #44

  20. The pirates look great amd I don't think the lines are too thick. We are all our own greatest critic. Thanks for sharing now that they are done.
    As for my flower, I think they are fairly easy to make, but a friend tried and thought it was difficult. One thing I would say is you need to concentrate, because the needle is barbed and very sharp. Definitely no small people to be involved in this craft!

  21. The pirates look better every week! Great space to craft though!! Happy Late WOYWW
    ((Lyn)) #29


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