Wednesday, 20 July 2011


See I'm looking at that number up there and thinking it should be auspicious in some way, 111, seems important somehow.  Maybe I am just feeling the vibe!

Anyway, my desk is one huge pile of mess that desperately needs a sort out and I keep thinking "I'll just do this little project and then I'll have a good clear up" but with so much going on right now I am thinking it may be like this for a while!

Let's see... starting over at the left is the post crop sediment including leftovers and 7 and a half layouts, yes indeed!  The Asda notebooks STILL awaiting being given the pretty treatment for the teachers, one of the lovely tins that my friend gave me as a thank you for the pirates (it now comes to my crops with a small selection of ribbons in...).  Most of the other bits, including the pile of prettiness at the centre front is my "under construction" playbook for Shimelle's Explore class.  I will be sharing the finished thing and hopefully at least yesterdays prompt too later on today, I do hope you'll join me again.

For those who were deliberating with me about the furniture, I know it is gorgeous and this is what makes it so hard.  The problem is that the cabinets are large and heavy but not very deep and there is no flexibility in the shelves, it is made as it is.  We're thinking of moving them definitely rather than getting rid of them and I'd love something a bit more white and shabby and feminine, definitely more practical though!  Thanks for all your comments last week.  We will continue to think...

For now though, its time to peruse a whole other load of crafty spaces.  Ideas, inspiration, even laughing at someone else's mess, or those who think they have mess and just don't know the darn meaning of the word!  You can find the list on Julia's Blog as usual.  Now, time for a cuppa... :-)

Bye for now xx


  1. I'm really enjoying your blog, I had a little wander through the other day :) its fun seeing all the yumminess on you desk

  2. Hi Lisa-Jane. I'm having a bit of a catch up today! Lots of loveliness you have been posting too - that cake is absolutely fabulous. That's a talent! And as for the adorable ballet pictures..definitely MME for those I couldn't agree more :)

  3. Love all the bits and pieces on your desk...looking forward to seeing your Playbook later!
    Alison xx

  4. The tin your friend gave you looks lovely and do I spy a Winnie the Pooh tin there as well?
    Enjoy the Explore class :o)

  5. Love that little white 'trellis' basket on your desk... I can see where your yearning for the white shabby-chic partly comes from.

  6. There's lots going on on your desk! I love the polka dots underneath! Lea x

  7. I love your pink polka dot underneath your workspace. That's my favorite color. :-)

  8. Yummy mess, like your black craft bag.

    ** Kate **

  9. Love that tin, it was the first thing I saw, thought it was a collage stamp at first. Lots of prettiness on your desk, especially like those little wire baskets.

    Brenda 75

  10. You're right, mostly the stuff on your desk is pretty. All neatly set off by your polka dot cover for sure! I love the tin, it's very pretty - and quite big judging by the scale of your ATG gun...or have you done a funny angle photo? Either way!

  11. Lots of lovely goodies on your pink polka dots this week, Lisa. You are so good actually making things for the teachers. I did make a card but have to admit to their pressies being a box of biccies!!!!
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax


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