Saturday, 25 February 2012

Blog Love

I've been fortunate enough in the last couple of weeks, to have been given not one but three Leibster Blog awards.  Because things have been a little, ahem, difficult around these parts, I just haven't had time to think about it and so wasn't able to post up my badge, hence being given more than one.  One of the things I was busy with was Valentine's Day.  Management is a plain and simple kinda guy so this was right up his street.

Today though my craft room is out of action (more on that soon) but this means I am finally getting around to thanking the people who passed it onto me and in turn I will be passing on too.  

The Liebster award is given to blogs that you love with less than 200 followers.  It's a German word meaning favourite or dearest and its a way of sharing newer blogs and encouraging readers to visit the places where you've found inspiration, encouragement and motivation.  I'm really grateful to Lisa, Jan and E for nominating me, you guys made me feel all warm inside!

And now, for my part of the bargain, I have to nominate 5 further blogs which is pretty tricky really!

Alison - encourages my weight loss journey as well as my crafting journey.  We've become regulars on each others blogs and this is one of the reasons that I do it - I'm happy that crafting can be so sociable!
Louise - one of the first blogs I ever followed because I loved her designs and now I'm on a design team with her!  Her layouts are fabulous and each one so different from the next.
Fiona - I love her 5 Things I Love series and she has led me to other great blogs.  I like the fact that she dips her toe into different crafts.  She also showed me how to see if I had been Pinned which gave me a vital pick me up last week.
Jaki - now a friend in real life and someone who, like Fiona, has inspired me to get my fabrics out again.  She has been SO supportive of my crafty endeavours and has really encouraged me to keep at it.
Sarah - a chance comment on my blog at just the right time that I was starting to wonder what it would be like to be on a design team.  Since I joined her, she has been incredibly supportive and encouraging and given me real self-belief.

So this is for you guys!

Bye for now


  1. Isn't it great to be appreciated? How very nice to get 3 blog awards! I recognise some of the friends you've passed it on to as well.
    I hope the sort-out / reorganisation / diy / building work / whatever-it-is in your craft room is soon all done and you soon back to normal levels of chaos (as opposed to extra chaos!).
    Have a good weekend - and a less busy week ahead.

  2. Oh thankyou so much Lisa-Jane. I just saw you pop up in my blog reader and thought I'd come over. I never expected to be one of the nominated blogs! Now you've given me a much needed pick me up, at the end of a very trying week:o)

  3. Totally forgot to say what a lovely card. Simple and striking, but still pretty.

  4. Lovely card :) Hope you have a fab day and your craft room is accessible again soon! (ps. We don't eat the same things over and over again, no - I like variety! We do have some family favourites, but mostly I like to experiment in the kitchen.) x

  5. Aw shucks!

    I've visited Fiona who stares at the sea just because I too stare at the sea.

    Well, blogging is so inspiring and it brings people together.

    I love your card and I'm glad to see you making cards, now we just have to get you to send them outside the home!!

    Love and thanks


  6. awww Lisa-Jane thank you. To pop across, admire your beautiful card and then read your post, what a lovely surprise - thank you xx

    Hope you have had a good week and you are back in your craft room soon xx

  7. Wow Lisa-Jane...what a lovely surprise- thank you so much. This is my second one in the past week, so like you, I really have to get a post done! I think that might be a job for tomorrow.Love the card by the way!
    Alison xx

  8. Hi, gorgeous card!! thank you for my nomination .... my 2nd too so I really must do a "blog love" post this week too! So pleased we "met" in blogland as it's an honour to have you on the DT!! xx

  9. Sometimes we get so carried away with the craft we forget that beauty of simplicity!

    I checked each blog you nominated...I now know how to check pinterest for my own creations thanks to you and your pal! Yay!

  10. Such an AMAZING card Lisa-Jane!
    Love the gorgeous heart and the twine.


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