Wednesday, 15 January 2014


Oh dear... this is the state of my desk after a rather eventful weekend.  I managed a few hours at the crop before I gave up with this stupid virus and came home.  I didn't even unpack the car, Management did that.  Other than the fabulous surprise party that I got dragged out to (and thoroughly enjoyed!) I've pretty much been laying flat because my sinuses are so painful that my head feels too heavy to lift for long.  I can't use a screen for long either - dagnamit!

So we have boxes of punches from the car, my Selphy printer (that Management is very cross with because they have no intentions of being compatible with Windows 8 and you can't buy a computer without that these days...), a gift bag from the lovely Paula from Artful Angels and my new aluminium case (see below) and then my Jo Malone box.  A wonderful friend bought me a Jo Malone candle and perfume for my birthday and the box smells fabulous.  It's very sturdy too so ideal for transporting embellishments to crops.

Please excuse the following photo - new lap top means new software and getting used to things again.  Its a bit different for me because I've never done decoupage before but it was an emergency.  I was so wrapped up in my own birthday that I forgot to get a card for the little girl that Louis was going to a party with!  I had fifteen minutes to find something so I grabbed a pile of stuff that was free with a magazine.

Ta da!  My new aluminium box for my Promarkers!  Management is on the case with a remedy for the floppy insides but I love it anyway!  I can carry them about too which is what I wanted.

Have you got transportable pen storage?  What do you use?  What else is on your desk this week?  Link up with WOYWW and see other creative spaces.  Hope to see you around!

Bye for now


  1. Cute card and that is an amazing storage system.I think I learn something everyday from woyww.
    Sandra @28

  2. Such an adorable card you whipped up there for the girl's birthday. Great that you had freebies to use too!! Love your marker storage, I don't have any of those markers, but love how you designed that. I have some copics so I was gifted a large canvas bag that folds and has a handle and I can carry it like a pocketbook. Winnie#64

  3. Sorry to hear you're still feeling poorly, I hope you manage to shake it off soon x

  4. There is a product on the market called Driver Boost and it searches for all drivers that is needed to update your system or go back and find to make compatible, it really is worth looking into. I have it and it is fantastic. It lets me know when ever a driver is out of date and does the rest for me. It is only about $20 too a real bargain. I do hope you get better soon, drink lots of fluids.

    Happy crafting if you can.

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 32

  5. Sounds like you are still suffering LJ..poor you xx That case is serious business..I have a likkle pencil case :)for my few pens. I've never been able to get promarkers!! xx

  6. You make a very valid point - when indeed did Zig Zag become a poncy Chevron!! Lol. As well as being a wonderfully onomatopeic word, it does what it says on the tin...zig zag zig zag goes the pattern across the page!! I had such fun sorting into kept me amused for ages (little brain, see)
    You can so do a quilt for Miss B's pram - it's great for using up scraps and you'd prettify yours up, I know it. Go on, gal, have a go :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 45 xx

  7. Glad you're finally startng to feel a little better. Sinus pain is the pits. As for your Selphy problem, I don't know which particular model you have, but this may help.

    Fiona #85

  8. Happy Birthday, Lisa. I'm glad you felt well enough to enjoy your party. There are so many bugs about at the minute.
    Love that pen storage, perfect.
    Hugs Lisax #53

  9. So sorry you are feeling poorly ... I know sinus trouble can be very painful and I hope you feel better soon! Thanks for popping by my blog earlier ... I have gone back to my old system of getting all the cards for the year made just as soon as the Christmas holidays are over - last year I did it differently and made them as the year went along and it was a disaster! I have to admit to having something of a Tim Holtz addiction and his way of crafting is much my preferred style ... I just can't do it! Love from Debbie xXx

  10. Sorry to hear you are still suffering :-(

    Love the pro marker case! xxx

  11. As soon as I saw your aluminum box I wondered what it was and what it was for. You did not disappoint with the answer! I have a similar box for my Copic markers. My box was originally a little locking safe with a 3-digit combo on there but it looks to be about the same size as yours box. Mine doesn't have any folders or dividers in it but I have enough markers now that they are in there tight. Originally I had some empty boxes in there to take up the slack space. That's a great quickie card you made from freebies.

  12. Ooh, I love your desk - so much of interest - the aluminium box is a great idea for the Promarkers, and that is one cute little card you made. Thanks so much for stopping by my desk today, hope you have a good week and recover from your nasty virus.
    Diana #51

  13. Happy Birthday a little late!!
    I've never heard of a Selphy writer? I don't like windows 8 either, but then I cried when I had to change from windows 311.. dating myself.. Nice system for your markers! Thanks for sharing and stopping by earlier! Ginny #71

  14. You've gotta go to the Dr..the sinus thing can be sorted so easily with a dose of green antibiotics! Stop suffering, I hate to read of you being so poorly. Your desk looks great to me - plenty to see. I confess to not knowing of Jo Malone, but will rectify it if it involves lovely smellies! I have a proven method for moving pens about, but it's not as sophisticated as your lovely Alu box. it's a pencil case.

  15. I hope you feel better soon. Soup and rest. Cute 15min card. Nice case. I don't travel with mine.

  16. we have one of these for our DVD's ...too heavy to carry the handles fell off! but what a great idea....I'm still working on my lazy susan...well it's only been 4 years! Happy WOYWW

  17. Did you know your aluminium case can be jazzed up (or "altered") with alcohol inks! I want one :)
    Thanks for stopping by earlier and for your comments re. my canvas. Hope you're feeling better soon.
    RosA # 1

  18. What a pretty card! Happy WOYWW #101

  19. some interesting gadgets and gizmos on your desk this week, it is annoying when the computer bits (technical term)aren't compatible, I figure it all designed to make us buy new ones
    have a great week
    janet #18

  20. I used to use a gardening fabric basket with pockets on the outside for my promarkers but now I'm trying to store them in an old cassette box in my craft room.

    Thank you for the kind words on my blog, it means a lot you visited when you've been so I'll x

  21. Hi Lisa-Jane, I hope by the time you read this your sinus pain has eased some. You have my sympathy, I so know how awful sinusitis can be!!! And what would we do without Management, in my case that's the EM, we'd be lost I'm sure. The card is pretty and I'm sure the little girl was delighted. Love your marker storage too. Hope you make a speedy recovery and the week gets better for you. Elizabeth x #67

  22. Hope you're feeling better now - and I'm SO jealous of all those promarkers! :o)

  23. Hope you are feeling better by now! I love the card and the pen storage is great. I store mine in a wicker utensil storage, works well for me.
    Happy very belated WOYWW!
    Tertia #77


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