Wednesday, 2 July 2014


When I take  my weekly photo for WOYWW I realise how much or how little I've been in my studio.  A few days on a bit of a scrapping frenzy last week and my room is a tip - I blame Shimelle and her weekend of inspiration.  In the end I started rolling over stuff that I had piled on the floor (lots more out of shot on the floor too) and I needed some space to start some fresh thinking.
Its a bit of a shocker even for me but I make no apologies.  I traveled around a few desks last week and so many people were sorry for their mess.  Don't be sorry people!  We are creative and busy and happy in our art and of course we make a mess and things get moved around but it is OUR space and OUR art!
Now it looks more like this.  The pile on the floor is "to be sorted", the pile at the back is scraps that need filing and the pile of cardstock on the left is erm... a pile of cardstock that needs putting away.  When I have a lot of stuff to put away (again there is more out of shot) I tend to make piles like this so I only have to go to the place where I keep the cardstock once and the scraps pile once, etc.  I end up with a big tray of embellishments to sort out too and I am dreading this.  I seriously need to pare back my stash and that is going to be on the list once I have tidied up a great deal.
This week I have also been sorting Lego into colours ready for some drawers to be labelled.  Sounds very OCD doesn't it?  I'm a big Lego fan and we have lots of different sets and these days they have lots of very unusual shaped pieces and so finding them is easier if things are in colours.  And I like doing mindless tasks like breaking apart and sorting small bricks :-)

So that's me for the week, how about you?  Sharing is caring so don't forget to link your creative space to this wonderful blog hop at Julia's Stamping Ground.

Bye for now


  1. I can't even sort my craft space let alone lego... but it sounds like something you can do without thinking! Love your desk - have had a good rummage. Helen 2

  2. I'm the same..piles of each sort to be put away, and the embellies kick about for too long really..but you've had a great burst of creativity and its totally worth it huh! I'm pretty good at the repetitive sorting that you're proposing for the lego too - I think because the results are so easy and so very tangible..very pleasing!

  3. Hi Lisa-Jane, I agree, it's not mess it's creating. I do like to have a tidy between projects, helps me keep my mind uncluttered too.Happy WOYWW and have a super week RobynO#8

  4. Pile problems here too and yesterday I discovered the sun had faded some of the stuff on the pile nearest the window. so I need to take action. Your piles always look worth a rummage..lots of lovely stuff in there :)

  5. "We are creative and busy and happy in our art and of course we make a mess and things get moved around but it is OUR space and OUR art!" Well said!
    I've been paring down my stash too. Mostly vintage books in my case. I'm getting rid on the ones that are nice but not loved. Also ditched a load of jigsaws that I had great ideas for but never got around to using.
    Happy sorting!
    Gillian #28

  6. Totally with you on the mindless tasks. Give me a bag of mixed beads to sort in to colours and I'm as happy as Larry!
    If you do pare back consider your local children's hospice/hospital... they so appreciated my box load of goodies and knowing that made it easier to part with.
    Happy WOYWW

  7. Enjoy the lego!! One of our grandsons has all his dad's lego plus loads more - and that is all colour sorted. Amazing stuff!!
    Have a great week sorting and sifting.
    Margaret #9

  8. I agree! We shouldn't be sorry for our messes. I think that's half of why people love this bloghop so much. In fact, perhaps I should apologize for being so clean and organized today! LOL! You clean out is looking good. I too enjoy mindless organization tasks. Sorting the Legos would be right up my alley.

  9. We can't help but make a mess, we're creating so it's natural to make a mess.
    It's good to have a tidy up occasionally but only so you can make a new mess Lol!
    Happy crafting and have a great week, Angela x # 48

  10. Your space look like a super scrapbookers, I am envious of this craft. I have never quite got the hang of it, buy scrapbook magazines though I don't have a completed page. I have chucked numerous in the rubbish pile though

  11. Your right a creative mess is the best mess. My desk looks awful too x

  12. I love a creative mess! I'm in the middle of sorting out and unpacking boxes from a storage unit I used to rent. I've started a desk in my bedroom that will be my permanent crafting space but haven't really moved much upstairs yet. Let's just say my entire house is a WIP!!!

    Happy belated WOYWW
    Peace, Kay (60)

  13. Messes are so much more interesting than tidy desks for a peek. You never know what you might spy among the creative chaos. I make no apologies for mine!


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