Wednesday, 23 July 2014


I said a couple of weeks ago that you should never apologise for the mess on your desk - its an artistic space and the left over chaos is evidence of enjoying the creative process.  It is art sediment.  Having said that, I am a little bit in a state of hiding my face about my studio this week because it is chaos rather than just piles.  In my defence I was making several things for teachers for the end of term and I got very carried away with one of them...

Lets take a tour shall we?  The big black box and assorted jewelry items strewn about is waiting to be put away after I finished several bag charms for teacher presents (you can see those further down the post).  Most of the pink stuff was used for the cards on the corner of the desk there (also further down this post).  The Mod Podge and teal and turquoise items scattered about were for the thing that I got carried away on - which I will be sharing in a post in a few days (but you can see a sneak of at the end of this post).  In fact you might not be able to see the teal stuff but it is there, underneath a load of other stuff!
All the embellishments that I hadn't "filed" after the last tidying session is still in my "needs putting away" corner and has been joined by everything that I initially got out for my teal project and then discarded in the second flick through - does anyone else do that?  Pull loads of stuff out and then go through it again to pare it down once you've explored all your options?
And here we have proof that all this detritus did end up in something less abstract than a pile of assorted colour schemes!  Three bag charms for teachers and teaching assistants.
Batch cards - 2 for teachers...
... and 4 for teaching assistants.
And this little sneak of the teal project for a very special teacher.
This time next week I will hopefully be sitting by a pool in Spain so no What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday from me for a couple of weeks.  Now if someone could just pop in and tidy up my studio while I'm gone that would lovely.  Thanks awfully.

Bye for now


  1. Happy WOYWW Lisa-Jane, your teachers will love the bag charms and gorgeous cards - never mind the messy desk, it happens. Cheers and have a lovely holiday RobynO#22

  2. No shame here, but proof of how busy you are for sure! I don't do that second flick through and dismiss thing. Because I nver have the presence of mind to pull out a theme of stuff in the first place...! The bag charms are pretty, I do like 'stuffed' with shinies!

  3. Oooh, I love your bag charms!! Shiny sparkly, the teachers and TAs are going to love those :-). I know I would! The cards are so pretty too....they will appreciate the thought behind them, definitely.
    Hugs, LLJ 12 xx

  4. I like a messy desk, shows your creative flow :) I will come and tidy for you...if I am allowed to play whilst I am there!! Love the charms very clever - can I have one?! I love to get distracted part way through a project, in part its because I keep a few 'inspiration' items out on my desk...Cx #60

  5. love the makes - cards especially, but the charms too.. wish someone would come and tidy here too.. have a lovely holiday. Helen 6

  6. hehehe that's what a desk should look like - my floor looks like that too, and sometimes it kind of creeps out onto the landing ... those charms look absolutely beautiful, I'm sure the teachers will be thrilled to bits with them, and the cards are lovely too. Enjoy Spain, chill out and tidy up when you get back :o) Happy WOYWW Annie C #54

  7. You've been soooooooo creative

  8. A brilliant, busy desk this week. So productive. Well done.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #10

  9. Your jewellery is absolutely stunning and so are your cards, lucky teachers
    Bridget #3

  10. Gorgeous cards and charms, sure to please.
    Happy crafting and have a good week, Angela x #44

  11. ahh how I love to see a messy desk - I have a craft room that is permanently messy and whenever I do tidy it (a bit), somehow it finds its way back to mayhem lol

  12. What lucky teachers, I want to work at that school and I love the floor xx


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