Sunday, 22 August 2010

Time for Thai

I've been feeling so rotten recently, really down in the dumps, and oh so tired. We know that a major part of my depression is sleep deprivation but we cant seem to find a way to deal with it without making things much worse! This week has also been so miserable with the weather unable to stay dry for long so getting out and about is tricky. We renewed our passes for Marwell Zoo but having gotten stuck there in the rain last week, its not something I want to repeat. You can dodge into the dry between showers but when its drizzling all day its pretty miserable and its not fair on Isabella who is tucked under her rain cover in the buggy, unable to see much at all. Friday was a particularly bad day as we were due to meet some friends at the zoo but this is one of the contacts I have lost through losing my phone. I was concious of the meeting date coming and going and being unable to firm up plans etc. I had decided to go to the zoo anyway and hope we met them there but the weather was just too grim. I had the day stretching before me with no plans and not much chance to get out and about. The previous night had been awful with trying to get DD to go back to sleep without being fed and even DD had woken up in the night. It had also taken me ages to go to sleep in the first place as I've been so tight chested this week and I couldnt stop coughing. Thankfull, DH slept through much of the goings on so it doesnt interfere with his day too much.

I consoled myself with purchasing some more craft stuff and probably would have cheered up if the items had been delivered within the hour. Never mind, I will lots of gorgeous yumminess to look forward to next week. I signed up for Shimelle's September on-line scrapbooking class which she does every year. Its called Learn Something New Every Day and is a daily scrapping prompt about the here and now and taking stock of where you are at a time when lots of people are "going back to school" after the holidays. As it happens I am, as I have signed on for another Open University course which starts in October but I should get something to work on sometime in September. This one is about creative writing and is only a 10 pointer so I should be able to cope - I hope!

So I have a few new things coming up which should hopefully inject some positive energy into the house. I say house because now and then DH feels down too but rarely does it happen at the same time as me. Yesterday was the first time that I can remember it happening. The day started badly with DD in our bed again, DS waking early and stropping about having to go back to bed etc. He was then a toad all day which really didnt help matters. We ventured out to Romsey Rapids for the first time and it was brilliant. DD is such a natural swimmer, maybe it was the water birth, that it wont be long before she can swim a bit. She and I got out before the boys and I had to hide my mobile from her while I was in my swim suit. Of course I forgot that I done that and left the phone in the changing rooms and didnt realise until we were home. We decided that as we both needed cheering up, DH would go back and get it in the early evening and go past the fantastic Thai takeaway on the way home. It was just what we needed. Lots of spice, a wonderful green curry, and a tummy ache from eating so much. I also sneaked a baklava from Waitrose which was yummy too. DS slept through until 7am and DD, although she ended up in our bed, slept till 8am! So even though DH is at work and my morning play date cancelled, I felt a bit better about things generally. I SO need to get my mojo back but we are starting today with lots of playing and getting the children to help with the housework. I dont think I will make my target of a 2lb loss this week but I hope I can get that mojo back again too. Its all linked and it needs little changes in the right direction but we will get there.

Bye for now xx

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