Sunday, 29 August 2010

Woo hoo! Today I bought some clothes (in a sale, 25% off) in a size 16! I havent bought 16 anythings for a while apart from the jeans that meant so much just before our holiday. This was a different shop though and I feel that is significant :-) Although I've had good weeks and challenging weeks with Slimming World, I've stuck at this far longer than I've ever stuck at any kind of diet. I wish I could stick at the exercise a bit more but I noticed on our travels today that our local leisure centre has an offer on so who knows? I think paying up front for something, like I have with Slimming World, definitely keeps you motivated, that and buying new knickers because your old ones keep falling down!

I also think my crafting is really helping me as it means I'm snacking less in the evening and I'm busy reading other blogs etc in preparation for the new class. Its only a couple of days now till Learn Something New Every Day and I'm really looking forward to it and hoping to really acheive something at the end which should really help my mind set. My friend J and I bought the kit that went with the class and it was limited to 40 by the supplies Shimelle had. It seemed like everyone had gotten theirs and I was one of the first to order, I thought. Shimelle, as always, was on the ball, and between us we realised there had been a glitch in the system. I had paid and had a receipt and she had the receipt for the money but no order. I was devastated - how silly over something so trivial, but that is what PND does to you. I so wanted the kit that would be full of things I wouldnt have chosen on my own, things to take me out of my comfort zone, things that went together that I would NEVER have put together, things I cant buy in my local stores etc. Anyway, she cobbled together an order which pretty much matches everyone else's and so I have to be patient as it wont come till Tuesday which is just a day before the class starts. I've got loads of stuff, I dont NEED anymore but I really wanted them and so I want to wait and use what's in the kit for this project. In the meantime I am trying to design a front page in my head and find the bits I need so I can make up a project basket and get cracking when it arrives. J and I also ordered some amazing dies in a sale which will help us no end with our projects. Her was called Flirt and has lots of girly bits in and mine was Relax with lots of holiday type things in like sand castles and flip flops. They had an alphabet in each one as well which is of a decent size and would have been very expensive on its own. I think I have spent rather too much on crafting items recently so I am now adding a stash diet to my food diet!

And yet more money was spent this weekend on shoes for the children, many of which had to go back as they were on the wrong hanging pegs but at least they both have slippers, wellies, trainers and "proper" shoes. We still have to get DS his plimsolls for school, third time lucky, but he is pretty much all set to begin one his first big adventures of life. I've starting dreaming about it and not being ready for it but I think that is more me not being ready because I havent labelled his uniform yet! I suppose I had better make a start on that now... I'll just have a read of some LSNED posts first... ;-)

Bye for now xx

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