Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Welcome to the first day of September and the first day of SOFA (September Operation Fat Arse) and the first day of LSNED (Learn Something New Everyday). I was so excited to get my parcel of goodies from Shimelle this morning after the computer hiccup!  And this meant that I could finally attach the front cover I had been working on. I decided to cut up the jeans I've just slimmed out of and use the denim to cover the chipboard part of the AC album. I wanted to put a pocket on but because of the lack of space I intend to put it on the back and sadly my pockets are too big so I'm using one from DS's jeans that he's just gone through the leg of. We seem to have gone through a few pairs of jeans this month!
I messed about with flocking and rub-ons but it just wasnt looking right. I spent ages making a tag but again, something wasnt right. Finally I realised it was the shade of pink and I made an unprecidented decision to scrap those bits. I'm much happier with the replacement parts and I love the finished look. I was a bit annoyed with myself though that I hadnt used the planned Tim Holtz hinge, lock and key die cuts that I found once I had finished! Ooops!
So, other than learning what was in my goody box, on a brief visit to the local park, I learned that my DD can now open the gates and escape into the main park out of the play area. Hhhmmm..... guess I'm going to have to keep a more watchful eye on her there as well as everywhere else!
Events elsewhere have been rather up and down as usual. On the very very plus side, DD slept through, in her own bed, without being fed, till 6.20am!!!! This is a miracle and has never happened before. It looks like my sleeping on her floor for a few nights and the work we did over the weekend has really helped but we dont expect it to be all plain sailing now. She grumbled a fair bit during the night so I was still disturbed but this is a great start. She was no more tired than usual although we had had a busy day at the zoo with friends. We'd only planned to stay half the day because I was supposed to be helping a friend in need but the logistics of getting 5 children in one car proved too much. My friend is my very best scrapping buddy and has been having an awful time recently and it looks set to continue so I'm sending her lots of positive vibes. I wish I could do more to help but sometimes it is actually difficult to marry up the assistance you are able to provide, with the needs of the recipient. But we will continue to try!
So now I am off to scrap that not-so-great photo of DD escaping from the playground and hope for a better night's sleep!
TFL! xx


  1. I love your cover and recycling your too big jeans is such a great idea, my lesson for today was recycling, will blog my page today, already done my cover LOL!

  2. What a great cover and an awesome idea to use the jeans! scrappysue from LSNED

  3. Your covers are super and I love the idea of using cut up jeans
    and the photo of your DD escaping is a brilliant one capturing a moment in time well done of getting it.

  4. The jeans idea is a great one! Love your cover. :) How cute is that photo of your DD! Mine always looks at me when she knows she's doing something naughty as if to say, "what are you gonna do about it?!" Cheeky!!

  5. just popped over from JYC 10 and I love your cover great idea for old jeans x

  6. I LOVE this, LJ! The denim rocks for a cover. Sorry I am just now getting to commenting here, my blog was giving me trouble. I can't wait to see your next one! <3 hugs!


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