Thursday, 9 September 2010

2 layouts in one day!!

Well I managed to get a bit of crafting done today and it was quick and dirty as they say. I veered from my chosen stash a bit because the AC papers, stickers and badge were just perfect to go with the robot toy.
On Monday we went to my mum's for the day for the last time for a while. We had gotten used to going once a week for a few hours so they could play with someone else for a while and give me a break. With DS going to school only in the morning for a few weeks, we wont have time to get there and back. It will be strange for all of us not to see each other so regularly. I never used to be close to my mum and I cant say that I like all of her traits but we have definitely gotten closer since I had the children. I think it happens to many girls who suddenly realise how much their own mum's went through but for me it was more that I started spending more time with my mum once I got hit with the PND. We're scarily similar and that's not always great as some of the things I dont like about my mum, I can see in myself! I thought I knew my mum inside and out but she blew me away on Monday. She offered to babysit for our anniversary in a couple of weeks which was a surprise in itself as her childcare offers are few and far between. But what really knocked me off my feet was that she wants to stay at our house for the night so we can stay in a hotel! This is seriously such a surprise as all 6 of our parents / step-parents are getting on or are not "child-friendly" etc so we thought any chance of a night away was a LOOOOONG way off yet. We're still deciding if its a good idea or not as both children are not brilliant sleepers but then neither is my mum so it's probably okay. We think we might also have inlisted the help of my neice to take over some of the effort in the afternoon so we can stay out for lunch too. DH is excitedly looking at hotels and restaurants and I'm biting my fingers about the kids not being looked after properly!

So with that in mind, my lesson for Monday 6th was that people can surprise you even when you think you know them well. Thanks Mum!

Bye for now xx

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  1. Lovely work! Well done and keep it up, crafting is always very therapeutic! Hugs from Germany, Valerie-Jael


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