Tuesday, 7 September 2010

A Beaulieu-ful lesson.

Goodness me is it really Tuesday already?! Its been a rather bizzare few days (involving a hospital visit and a first day at school no less), hence no daily blogging but I've been keeping a note of my lessons for LSNED.

On Friday I was toying with the idea of going to a charity music festival and was having a bad day, feeling anxious etc but by the end of the day I had talked myself into going (partly with the courage gained from another LSNED-er, Laura) and found someone to come and hold my hand etc. However Saturday we discovered that it was an afternoon and evening thing rather than the daytime thing we had planned. Then DH called from work to say he had left his phone at home and could I drop it in (its hard to be Duty Officer when nobody can contact you although it may have made for a quieter day for him!) So as we were going to Beaulieu anyway, we decided to stay. It worked better all round for us, and my niece having to get back for her dog, and it was a lovely day there. K hasnt been to Beaulieu since she was little so all the Top Gear stuff was new for her. A lot of it was new for me too as it had been improved a fair bit since I went in when it first opened. Of course there are more vehicles there too as there have been 2 more series since then. I was just thinking how lovely it was that no matter how many times we come, there is always something new to see or to speak to DS about as he becomes more interested and understands more about everything. We decided to do the Millpond Walk and part way around we came across the 2 Jack Frost sculptures from the recent exhibition.
Apparently, the future Lord Montagu, Ralph (pronounced Raif), had been really taken with them and decided to keep them. Out of the many many sculptures on display, I had really loved these two as well, so I was delighted to see them nestled among the trees, hiding from the hoardes and seen only by those who take the time to walk by the river. A little later on, I was amazed again at something new when I took a different path through the domas area. I had always assumed it went round and met up with the path we normally took and it sort of did but it also led to a dead end that contained the areas of the old abbey infirmary. 6 years I have bimbled about these beautiful grounds and yet I still come across bits I've never seen before. It was a bit like the accidental detour we took a few months ago and ended up having a ride on Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!!
So my lesson for Saturday is that treading a slightly different path can reveal unexpected pleasures - so try and do it more often.
Right, I'll stop there as Photoshop is playing silly buggers and I cant find the pics of Chitty that I wanted..
Bye for now xx

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