Thursday, 23 September 2010

Some layouts to share.

When I get behind on things I easily start to feel overwhelmed so I am my own worst enemy in signing up for something that ideally needs to be every day!  I'm enjoying LSNED but I'm finding that I'm struggling for photos a fair bit, sometimes because I couldnt take a pic due to circumstances (i.e. like today in an exercise class) and sometimes because the lesson isnt one that calls for a photo at the time, if that makes sense.  I've therefore ended up with a few layouts now that dont have a photo.  This feels very very weird and a bit frivolous - imagine, a whole page dedicated to a minor memory that doesnt show something real for future generations to discover!  

The lesson for 8th September (sshhh I'm pretending its not 23rd already...) was about how much I loved swimming again and in particular the freedom and "me-time" and I actually did more lengths than I thought I'd manage.  Obviously a pool isnt a great place to take a camera - the water is one problem but the issues surrounding public photography are quite another!  This day though I did see a man jump out and realise his mobile was in his pocket!!

For 9th I cheated a bit and scrapped a photo I took on Louis' first day (7th).  He is so confident that he pottered into school and then his classroom by himself and yet here we are 2 weeks later and most of the other children are still being taken in, often right into the classroom still.  I dont know where he gets it from but I am really pleased that my boy is so confident and takes so many of the big things in his stride.

10th September was also a bit of a cheat.  Its a slow realisation rather than a lesson really and I was saving it for a "slow" day.  I guess its a lesson that every parent learns or perhaps even every adult with an ounce of creativity.  There is just not enough time in the day to do the things I need to do, let alone the things I want to do.  I used to wonder what people meant by "running a house" - its not a business or some grand production after all, but in many ways it is!  The perils that befall the disorganised housewife or mother dont bear thinking about.  And time for all the study I want to do?  Well having just asked to defer my Writing course, that'll be a no.  And as for all the creative things I want to erm.. create?  Well you can see for yourself how successful (or not!) that is!

And now here it gets confusing!  I was waiting on a couple of photos and I wanted to get on and create (as it was my Tuesday Crop with J) so I've gotten out of order a bit.  The layout for 15th was not a very positive one.  I feel like I have been getting back on an even keel in the last couple of weeks but on this day, completely out of the blue, I lost it again, big time.  Isabella was supposed to be having a sleep and as Louis has been so tired, he was having an afternoon nap too.  I was shattered and thought I'd get some chilling time even if I couldnt sleep myself.  But my daughter had other ideas and wouldnt sleep, I tried to cuddle her to sleep on the sofa as I had done months ago every day, but she kicked and screamed instead.  I saw my precious gap in the day drifting away and before I knew it, I was a sobbing wreck.  Strangely it kept Isabella quiet for a while though while my whole body shook beneath her.  But an hour later and it was as if it had never happened.  I hate PND and what it does to me and my family.  This day I learned that I still have a long way to go.

But to finish on a positive, this is the layout I did for Kirsty Wiseman's Wednesday Challenge.  I won the "out of the hat" (or bra in her case!) prize draw so I am looking forward to receiving some lovely lickable ribbons very soon.  And I've been feeling really great with all the extra exercise, so things are definitely on the up!

Bye for now xx


  1. Very nice LSNED pages, love the tag theme!

  2. Love the way your LSNED pages look! And congratulations on your 12th anniversary! Enjoyed scrolling through your blog today.


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