Monday, 26 March 2012

Another Starting Point

Shimelle is back with her sketches and starting points and they do give me a wonderful place to start from.  Of course though, they are no guarantee of success though as you can see from the layout here.  I was at a crop on Saturday and it was the first time that I have felt like I didn't want to scrap, maybe because of the amount of work I did in the previous couple of weeks.  I had planned my pages before I went but even so I found myself floundering at every decision, cutting the wrong parts of papers, dropping things on the floor time after time, even kicking over a whole cup of precious tea.  I had such a headache by the afternoon that I called time slightly early, but not before I had attempted the current Starting Point.

I love the papers and the picture but the layout has no dimension, doesn't sit easily on the eye and is probably too chaotic.  Today I tried to fix it but quickly got to the point that I felt I was fighting a lost cause and I should just move on to something else (like planning a small young lady's 3rd birthday and trip to Peppa Pig World).  In the last few months I have been spending SO much time reading craft magazines and blogs, talking to other crafters, browsing in craft shops, watching craft on TV, decorating my craft room, and also lots of creating too, but I think I overdosed.  I think I need a few days away from my scissors - shock horror!

Bye for now


  1. I think if you matted the photo it would pop more. I like the rest of it. It is busy but so are kids, and their lives!

  2. I just see the big smile which draws you in so I think you are being hard on yourself. Enjoy your scissor break :0)

  3. I think you are being very hard on yourself too. But I do understand the need for a break away from all the crafty stimulation - I feel like that sometimes too

  4. I agree that you're being too hard on yourself too....but I know how it feels when you're no happy with something!
    Alison xx

  5. I have times like it too. Your layout though is lovely - the busy papers are great and the photo made me smile....

    Did i read that you knocked over a cuppa at your worst nightmare...hope nothing got spoilt xx


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