Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Hurrah!  I am back in my craft room, scrapping away.  I have a new desk but still no chair as yet.  The table that you saw in last weeks post was the one hiding underneath my spotty tablecloth and has gone to my Dad's.  It has been replaced by a pristine, height adjustable white one.

You can see the 2 layouts I am currently working on and my basket at the top right which houses the things I need all the time.

But wait, hang on.... where are the spots?

Ahhhh, here they are!  The tablecloth didn't work at all on the desk but I managed to mark the drawers within seconds of building them so it sits there now.

I intend to cut a piece to fit the desk top with no overhang, somehow.  I had wanted an L shaped affair but I suddenly realised that I wouldn't be able to have my spotty cloth and so after a mild panic in Ikea I completely changed my mind.  Management just raised his eyebrows when I said I had to be able to use my table cloth because otherwise no-one would recognise me!

I took away the large open shelving and replaced it with 2 bookcases.  It means I have room on the walls for a few bits that I am part way through.  The drawers need some embellishment but I'm happy with the colour, especially against the new colour on the walls.

So there is still work to be done but it will have to go on hold for a bit because I have been asked to create a scrapbook for someone as a retirement present.  I am literally sick with nerves but so happy that someone thought of me when the idea came up.   The deadline is soon though so I best crack on.

So what's on YOUR desk today?  Come on share it with us, don't let my tidy table put you off, it won't stay like that ;-)

Bye for now


  1. Oh That table looks amazing - your whole room looks amazing, it is really lovely, The little bitty window is sooo cute Hope you have a great week Lou x No WOYWW for me this week just visiting a few of my favourite desks.

  2. I really like the way this table sort of tilts. That would be so handy when you are trying to "build" a page.

  3. Have managed to make it to your desk even though I'm not posting as I'm back to my mum's in an hour!!
    I love your new white desk, it looks like a proper architect's drawing table! I love working on tilted surfaces for art etc, it's just better. Your room looks fab :)
    I'm going to be busy in Wales for sometime but PROMISE that I will do your bag very soon....
    Til then, take care,
    LLJ xx

  4. OMG I hate you, I literally hate you.

    Your room is stunning and it's just not fair!

    Please can I come and play one day? I won't make a mess, I promise, and I can sew. I thought you were going to make a cushion. Can't see it anywhere. Maybe I could come and make it for you.

    Ok I'm sounding desperate now. I have to go and post a picture of my oh so sad dining room table for my WOYWW


    (Love you really)

  5. LOl at the table cloth obsession! A height adjustable table no less, sounds very high tech. Although I don't know if i could cope with it sloping without a lip at the front, I just wouldn't be disciplined enough to put things down carefully.

    ** Kate **

  6. WOW! it all came together beautifully...and only one raised eyebrow...well done you! LOL though, we'd recognise your work, and just miss the may find a blank canvas easier to work on...perhaps just a spotty frame around the desk!!

  7. Now that is a very pretty work space. Lucky you.

  8. Well you are a lot tideier than me!! I love your new desk - can I be cheeky and ask where you got it from as I am looking for something like this for my new summerhouse/craftroom. Thank you ;o)

  9. Oh your room looks fantastic and I love that tilty top table. I'm so envious that your decorating is done and dusted too. Not so much here!

  10. Very, very nice working space and love the tilting table a lot! Regards, Anne Rx #85

  11. Ohhhh I have desk envy. Just look at that beauty. It would take up my whole craft room. Love the fact that you have french doors too.
    You must stress to Mangement that we all need your spotty dotty cloth, it brightens up every Wednesday and I always know I've arrived at your desk before I look at the blog title!!
    Have fun in your new space and good luck with the scrapbook, it'll be great.
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #99

  12. Love that table I want one!!! even though I have no space for it boo-hoo, your room is looking fabulous! the scrapbook will be fantastic so dont worry, Have a great week Hugs May x x

  13. Your room is looking gorgeous, a really lovely, light area to play in and have fun crafting :)

    Have a great WOYWW and a fab week, Luv Karen xx

  14. It looks fantastic! Enjoy your commission - you'll do a fine job

  15. I LOVE your work space, especially your desk!! I can't wait to move into our new home where I'll have an entire room dedicated to my crafts!!
    Thanks for sharing at WOYWW!!
    Lisa's Craft Blog (#145)

  16. Gorgeous table ... some table envy breaking out here :) Your spotty cloth is an essential weekly treat so nice to see it today, even if it's somewhere else. Your room is gorgeous and looks a lovely place to craft in. Hope you are having a good WOYWW. Elizabeth x #21

  17. Your new table is gorgeous!! Your room looks fab - so pretty and light!! x

  18. An amazing room Lisa-Jane - you won't want to come out of it lol!

    How lovely to be asked to create a scrapbook for someone, you'll do a fabulous job xx enjoy yourself xx

  19. Loving the new look!!
    Alison xx

  20. great make over and i love the desk,happy crafting,x

  21. not only an amazing desk but what a space, looks bigger than my whole apartment!! Wow, beautiful, so well equipped as well.

  22. Your craft room looks wonderful. I love that new table, what a treasure to have!

  23. You layouts are looking good and I like your desk setup.
    Aeryn @ #68

  24. What a great room and that table is fantastic, glad you found a home for your spotty cloth too! Take care, enjoy this WOYWW, it's now Thursday afternoon & I'm still doing the snooping bit, all but in shifts! Zo xx 60

  25. Lisa Jane, that is a gorgeous makeover! I love the colours you chose - the turquoise and cream is restful, but the splashes of bright pink add just the little bit of zing that you need!
    Why not turn the spotty cloth into a few nice things to dot around the room - like mats for the top of the drawer unit and the chest of drawers in the corner, perhaps a runner for your desk (so it doesn't get in the way when you're working - or give you sore eyes from too much pink / spots), maybe a bit of decoration for the plain curtains (tie-backs?).... you know... zingy bits!
    I so like your adjustable desk. I wanted one of those for my own studio, but thought there would be problems with the trestle legs, as they are so wide at the base. I'd love to be able to adjust and tilt my work table - especially when I'm binding a book, as I have to prop my binding board up on a block, so I can see what I'm doing!
    Great makeover - keep us posted on any more progess!

  26. What a lovely makeover you have had in your room. Glad to see the spotty cloth has gone with you. Nice to have those double doors to the outside when the summer comes. xx Maggie #8

  27. I'm loving the new desk, although I miss the pink tablecloth lol. Thanks for the look around your room :)


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