Friday, 16 March 2012

SJ Crafts Monthly Challenge - March/April

This month's challenge over at SJ Crafts is as easy as 1-2-3!  Upload your paper crafting project to the blog about anything inspired by 1-2-3 and you could win the chipboard set from the Echo Park "This and That" Collection.  Other entries are chosen as favourites on the blog too. 

My inspiration for this challenge came from this set of pictures of B's first picnic.  We did something called Baby Led Weaning with both children which basically involves not giving them pureed food as babies, just letting them play, lick, chew, spit out, possibly swallow, occasionally gag, on the same foods we eat as adults.  You can start once the baby is around 6 months and sitting up unaided and you can see here that Miss B is thoroughly enjoying her sandwich.  My Mother-in-law couldn't bear to watch the children stuffing handfuls of solid food into their faces and she was convinced they would choke or never learn to use a knife and fork.  My own mother thought we were torturing the children and would spoon feed them whenever we turned our backs.  Of course these days its much more common but people do still tend to hyperventilate when they see a baby squashing a whole roast potato into their face!

But oh my, check out that hair!  She had a stunning set of "Heathrow and Gatwicks" for a long time until the rest of her hair caught up!  She often looked like a cockerel and her mohawk was one even Puck from Glee would be proud of.

The added extra for this challenge is to use 3 of something.  As you can see, I used 3 photos (that's what I happened to have), 3 tags, and 3 patterned papers (the brown strip is the reverse of one of the others).  I love My Mind's Eye for their timeless quality and I find their collections so versatile but I particularly like the colours and easy to use designs in some of the older Quite Contrary line.

So, if you are looking for a challenge to enter (and one that has great prizes) and you can be inspired by something to do with 1-2-3, why not give it a go.  The closing date is 18th April at 1pm.

Bye for now


  1. Beautiful layout Lisa-Jane. Two of mine had similar hair :) bless x

  2. Great 3's. Your baby is so cute...Love the nice, bright colours...Today, I just found some of that fancy cut paper you used...I couldn't believe my was 2 for $1.00
    Now I have to create a wait...I now have yours for an idea!

  3. Great layout cute photo's love that hair.
    Jenny x

  4. Beautiful layout and those pictures are so cute x


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