Saturday, 4 December 2010

Snow days and Journal Your Christmas album

Oh my goodness it has been cold and snowy here!

 It is unusual for us to get any snow at all really and if we do then it tends to be February or so.  We saw it affecting the rest of the country and thought we would avoid it but Wednesday night it came down hard!  It was the most snow I remember having in this country and of course it meant the inevitable snow days from school and work.

 Sadly for us, with today's technology, the Husband was still able to work from home after a brief play in the thick snow with Louis.  It wasn't sticky enough to make a snowman so they just played snowballs.

Isabella and I went out for a few minutes but she suffers so badly with her circulation that we didn't last long.  Plus it was up to her thighs and she was so padded with clothing that she kept falling over and couldn't get up!

Our house is on a slope and we are right on the peak of that slope which causes us no end of problems when the weather is cold.  It is now Saturday and even with lots of digging and gritting yesterday, heavy rain overnight, and lots of scraping and gritting again today, it was still an ordeal to get the car out and up the road.  Thankfully we made it though and managed to get to the supermarket and have a much needed change of scenery.

On the first snow day, I had some sort of unexpected guests call in, in the form of 2 mums from school and their 4 boys.  I had just put Isabella down for a nap and made Louis comfy with his CDs so I could study so it was bad timing but actually they all played really nicely and it was good to chat to some new mums from school.  I was so embarrassed though as the house was a mess and I looked awful so I set about cleaning the very next morning ;-)

With both of the children at home all the time, and everyone in the house feeling poorly and trapped, I havent made much headway with Journal Your Christmas but I do have my album cover to share.

Hopefully I should have a couple of pages to share tomorrow but for now I need to clear a space so that I can get some wrapping done.  I'm so excited, I just love this season, and each year it gets better and better!

Bye for now xx

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  1. Thanks for your comment :)
    I'm feeling better, but with lots of ups & downs...

    I'd love to have snow for Christmas, it makes a big difference :)

    My brother lived for a few years in Lynshurst, near Southampton, and I went to visit him a couple of times. Now he's in London.

    I don't now your username in the forum. Mine is mariangeles_spain, but feel free to email me too at

    Thanks for your kind words :)
    A big hug from Spain.


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