Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Look at my clean desk!  Woo hoo!  I'm just finishing a little inspiration book (using some prompts from one of Shimelle's classes) and then my space will be just ripe for starting something new.

It was the funeral yesterday (of my almost-step-mum for those who don't know) and I am just not in the mood for housework, so n'yer!  Instead I shall crack on with the prompts from Shimelle's current class Pretty Paper Party which is shaping up to be brilliant and just what I needed to use up some of my vast amounts of PP.

I did actually use a piece of PP yesterday that I put in my "try and get rid of this" box.  I needed something to put some cupcakes on and hit on the idea of using a peice of 12x12 attached to a piece of 12 x12 cardboard.  It looked like a glossy cake board with beautiful roses on.  And to top that, I carried them all in one of my pizza boxes which turned out to be the perfect depth for these particular cakes.  I love using my papercrafts stuff for other things - it feels like I'm getting something free ;-)

I haven't forgotten to show you my lovely bunting from Lunch Lady Jan but it took me ages to photograph it this morning as I tried to hang it somewhere outside that wasn't wet with frost!  And then I lost my photos :-(  I shall try again for next week because it really is beautiful.

But now I shall leave you with a sneak of my final DT project and dash off to peruse some other work desks.  Come over to Julia's blog with me and have a look around

Bye for now.


  1. Oh, I was wondering when the funeral was - it was the most beautiful autumn day here. I hope the sun was shining on you too. I hope it all went ok....
    I'd say Boo to Housework too, you need some TLC definitely and crafting is exactly the thing to do. Yay to using scraps for exciting things to do with cupcakes - that's a win-win as far as I'm concerned!! And I love that little sneaky peek of your DT project - lovely bright colours make me smile, hope it's helping you too...
    Hugs, LLJ #41 xx

  2. Sorry about your loss .
    Hang the housework

    love your table cloth x

  3. Definitely sod the housework!!!!! Of course, I love seeing all your scrapbooking projects - but I'm interested to see how your cupcakes turned out?? Did you try the embossing thing??

  4. I was thinking of you yesterday!x

    Super tidy desk!!! That little book looks very cute! xx

  5. Looking forward to seeing your DT finished! Such a tidy desk x

  6. Housework often takes a back seat in my home so leave it.
    That book looks great and I love your cloth! I too have a bunting from Lunch Lady Jan - love it!!

  7. Lovely, tidy desk :) It's great had you used your scrapping stash for cakes. I love the layout you've done, it's beautiful x

  8. a tidy desk is a good feeling! your little book looks good and your dt was perfect too - i left a comment on the shop blog! xx

  9. Your spotty table is looking lovely and ready for some new layouts.
    You do right doing just what you want to do rather than housework. I always find the aftermath of close Funerals the hardest thing.
    Take care of yourself.
    Hugs Lisax

  10. Having a break from housework is always OK. I like the lo you have created.

  11. Ah hope the funeral passed well and benefitted from the beautiful sunny day we had. I'm signed up for Shimelle's course too - you are getting on far better.............

  12. Hope the funeral went well. How's your Dad coping, must have been such a shock, poor man. Love your clean, spotty tablecloth this week, and love the bright, zinginess of the start of your new LO. I'm a complete sucker for craft card at any time of the year, I use it all the time.

    Brenda 86

  13. Hope you are all coping and the funeral went smoothly ...forget house work unimportant in the grand scheme of things... take care xx

  14. I hope it all went well...your desk looks hugely tidy, and glad you are enjoying the class...the LO looks gorgeous - looking forward to seeing the rest :)

  15. I'm sorry about the loss of your loved one and hope you'll get back into the swing of things soon! I LOVE your pink polka dot table cover!


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