Wednesday, 16 November 2011

A garland title

Why is it that it is always the things that you think will be simple that end up causing problems?  I wanted to keep my album front for JYC pretty simple this year and I used Shimelle's Christmas garland challenge as inspiration.  I wanted to use a page from the MME collection that I'm using for the album to cover the chipboard portion of the cover and I decided to do a bit of misting on it.  Epic fail.  I misted over a chipboard Christmas tree but the colour was all kinds of wrong.  I tried using another colour but you couldn't see it at all.  So I tried adding a splatter of white paint to look like snow but it just looked a mess.  I started again.  This time I cut the paper slightly too small.  Second epic fail.  Third time lucky?  Not quite but it will have to do!  The paper was slightly too short again due to a mistake lining up a straight edge.... and then when I placed the washi tape on, I managed to lay it on at an angle and unlike other washi tapes, this one wasn't coming off again :-(

So this is it.  I love the paper and I love the brown glitter Thickers but as for the whole thing, well I'm not that taken with it to be honest but it is what it is.  I do also love the little reindeer and of course the Jenni Bowlin stick pins :-)

So that's my background pages done and my front cover done.  I'll probably just paint the insides and the back but I'll leave it till the end so I can see if there is any paper left over!  I need to think about my dates next and any pockets I want to make but I also need to wrap a few presents too.  Do you know that Christmas Day is actually on the same date each year?  I know!  Crazy huh?!  And yet we still rush around and leave things too late...

Bye for now xx


  1. I love your cover, especially the bunting, now I'm wishing I'd done bunting on my cover - but hey, I have about 40 pages to make, I guess I can still squeeze it on to one or two!

  2. Oh dear.....even though you had a few hiccups your cover turned out beautifully x

  3. Love how the cover looks.....I may put bunting on mine...if I ever get that far!!
    Alison xx

  4. It looks pretty good to me :o) I love your bunting.
    Fiona x

  5. Love the book cover need to decide my format for this years project xxx

  6. I love your garland title! It's very pretty.

  7. I love how you've put the title onto the garland, it looks fabulous. I've been known to have a few scrapbooking fails too, but it usually ends well like your's has! x


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