Saturday, 13 April 2013

Oh how I loved that shirt!

Look at that little face!  I can barely remember him like this.  These photos are from a trip to Beaulieu just before his first birthday so he wasn't quite on his feet just yet.  I loved this little te-shirt and shirt set and I squeezed him into it any time I could!

As soon as he was on his feet he was able to kick a ball which they are not supposed to be able to do for a while.  He absolutely loved chasing a ball around and we were convinced he was going to be a football star.  As it turned out, his skills stopped there and as he grew he got so gangly that he has always seemed really un-coordinated since then!  Of course we rather hope he will be into rugby but as long as he is happy.

This was another of the layouts from the recent retreat using Echo Park's For The Record 2 from S J Crafts.  I have no problem with using flowers on boy pages, especially when he is wearing a floral shirt and the colours are so vibrant and go so well with the photos.  This is definitely a placement that I will be using again too.

Bye for now


  1. Oh I remember you making this one at the retreat! love how it turned out and have pinned it!! x

  2. So lovely! I love all the circles and those charming pictures and the story..that's one we can all relate to I think. I have a tiny pink wool coat still hanging in my wardrobe..I loved her in it!

  3. perfect papers for your little mans shirt...great page.

    My eldest sounds like your little man he was so very un-coordinated and now he plays rugby very very well (if i do say so myself :))xx

  4. I love the layout...and the story behind it!
    Alison xx

  5. This is a great page that really pops. The papers are so perfect for the photos that I didn't even notice they were flowery until you mentioned it :) x

  6. This a fab layout, great colours & I love the story behind the page :-)

  7. This is an adorable layout - the little embellishment clusters really lift it!


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