Saturday, 10 September 2011

10 Things on the Tenth

This is my first time of joining in with Shimelle's 10 Things on the Tenth but it seemed a good time to share some stuff that has been growing on me over the months.  Its been that kind of season really... :-)

Every scrapper understands...

1) The shame of someone in the supermarket pointing out a letter sticker attached to your left breast.  (I did not do that.  It was not me.  Oh no.)

2) The fear of cutting in to a cherished piece of patterned paper, or even worse, the trauma of cutting into an okay piece of patterned paper and then turning it over only to find that it was the reverse of a cherished piece of patterned paper.  (I couldn't bring myself to use the "wrong" side so it found its way here instead.)

3) The aggravation of realising that you have started to stick down your title but you are missing a vital letter and they are super sticky and won’t come off, so you have to cut up another letter to fill in the gap. (That "r" is not really an "r")

4) The inability to say no to your favourite brands in the sales even though you already have enough stash to scrap a layout everyday for the next hundred years.  (Can. Not. Resist. My. Minds. Eye.)

5) The delight of finding something in the recycling bin that is just right to be made into an embellishment.  (Rock salt cannister that became a desk tidy and name badge for Scrap-a-Mia.)

6) The shock of finding that a small untrained “someone” has attempted to modify one of your finished layouts.  (Remarkably no small fingers or any other body parts were damaged during the modification of this layout.)

7) The frustration of waiting for a pizza box shaped parcel through the post.  (This particular parcel wasn't pizza box style in the end but the frustration was the same, especially when I thought it was my actual parcel that had been damaged / lost.)

8) The surprise of finding that the 5 minutes you said you would be in finishing this layout has actually turned into rather longer and it is now the early hours of the morning. (This layout took rather longer than the allotted 2 hours for the sketch challenge....)

9) The determination for people to wear suitable clothing so that it matches your intended paper choices.  (I swear this was an accidental wardrobe choice, but hey, it worked.)

10) The complete and utter delight in creating something magical from a simple photo, some paper and a glue stick, that helps us to unwind, to relish the big and the small, to remember the positives, to use those photos we take, and to tell our stories as only we can.  (Nuff said really.)

Or is it just me?

Well I hope you have a wonderful weekend and for those of you interested in the Rugby World Cup, I really hope you enjoy that too!  In the meantime, have a great time perusing other people's blogs to see what their ten things might be this month.

Bye for now


  1. enjoyed your 10 - great layouts too!

  2. Oh I can identify with most of those! And lucky for you, your little one looks like they've used co-ordinating paint on your LO!

  3. Love all your layouts great 10x10 xx

  4. Great 10 things!!! Love your layouts too! x

  5. A great list and I can identify with many of them! It's my first time at 10 on the 10th too, mainly because I usually remember it on the 11th!

  6. Loved your ten things and your layouts are beautiful!!

  7. had a good laugh on some of theme`totally got it!!! Lovely work!!

  8. Loved your list - had many of those moments! Your layouts are wonderful.

  9. I can certainly identify with your list x


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