Sunday, 18 September 2011

LSNED so far

So I haven't ACTUALLY started making any pages for this yet and I was struggling with not being able to print photos at home.  In the end, I decided to use my album for next year instead and just blog the lessons.  There are a few lessons that I want to create layouts for because they were important to me etc so you will see some of them eventually!  In the meantime, here are all the lessons and photos for week 1.

1st - I need routine.  Even though I have really enjoyed the summer holidays, and I will miss L so much, I desperately need the structure of routine for my mental well being.  Idle time doesn't suit me.

2nd - Appreciate the true value. Because we get into Beaulieu free, I had never looked at the cost before.  For some reason I did this morning and saw that in peak season it is £17.70.  We go so often but we never take it for granted because we love it so much but I never realised what good value we were getting financially.  Of course its nothing to the value we get in so many other ways.

3rd - Check and double-check - Working out the title of a layout forced me to look closer at the pictures was I using and I realised they were from 2 different days out to the same place.  I need to be more careful.

4th - Be patient - It is a good idea to wait until the paint dries before you put layouts in page protectors.  Blotches are not so pretty.

5th - Stick to picnics - We usually take picnics to the zoo but as a treat for us last day before school we decided to eat in the cafe except there was no room.  We battled through the stiff doors with the tray and sat in the wind where the kids cried with cold and their chips blew on the floor.  We eventually got a table inside but B was over it by then and didn't want to eat or sit still and wasted most of her not-very-cheap dinner.  Next time sarnies rule.

6th - Some things will always be hard.  Dropping L off to school for the start of Year 1 made me a tad sniffy. I realised that this will happen each and every year because it will always be a marker of him growing up.  I need a dislike button for time passing.

7th - Recreate success.  At the crops I go to, each person has a chair by the side of them.  This keeps the utensil bags off the tables (in theory although not everyone abides by this.)  At home, mine sits on the corner of the table but I have to stand up to see into it.  It occured to me this week that I could pull that chair round to the side of me and set myself up like the crop situation.  My bag is now ideally placed for me to see into it and I have more space on my table but the chair is still available for L to join me.  Sometimes you have to remember that the wheel has already been invented.

So that was week 1 but here we are on the 18th already!  Seriously, I swear my life is on fast forward right now!  It will be Christmas before we know it... ;-)

Hope your weekend has been fabulous.

Bye for now


  1. Actually it will be here in 98 days lol ... Yes I am obsessed :). Love that you've blogged your lessons

  2. Love this layout, even with the blotches :)
    And this precious photo of B looking so not happy.

  3. Great lessons and pics to go with them. I am up to date with my pages, but don't go looking for them, they haven't made it online yet!

    ** Kate **


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