Monday, 12 September 2011

4x6 photo love for August

Good morning from a wet and windy south coast of England.  Let me tell you that I am NOT enjoying the school run at the moment!  We shortly have to go out in it again to take B to her first ballet lesson of the new term.  We are both excited about it although it is in a new place and I need to find the building and where to park in a special area etc and that always make me anxious.  She will need new ballet shoes as she has gone up 2 sizes and I really ought to sell her old one,s but I want to keep them as they are her first pair.

A couple of weeks ago I finally got the photos that I took at one of her previous classes.  I've pulled out all my favourite ones and I want to put those on layouts with only 1-3 photos.  I also had a little collection of 2nd best ones that I wanted to put on one layout that was about her class in general.

Cue Shimelle's amazing 4x6 Photo Love class at 2Peas.

Good grief, this was the trickiest one so far and it took me ages.  I had to walk away several times and come back with fresh eyes.  It is arranged over 3 page; one full page, and the back and front of a cut down page.  The tricky part was lining up the cut down page over the final full page so that it still looked pleasing to the eye and not obviously an extra page.

The papers are MME Lost and Found and I may just have gone a little OTT with the very special brads in the same range... ;-)  The title letters are The Girls Paperie.

This is the inside front page featuring a yummy bit of Dear Lizzy ribbon rose trim and some embellishments made from old music paper.

 And then the full page featuring a selection of general things I wanted to remember about the classes.  This is the bit I would rather do again as I should have butted the photos right up together and the embellishment cluster in the middle wouldn't have been needed and so wouldn't have divided the page so obviously.

A close up of the home-made embellishments, the Dear Lizzy aqua music print ribbon and one of the yummy brads.

This is how it looks in the page protectors which are sewn together.  Mine is just attached with DST at the moment but I will sew it next time I get the machine out.  It clearly makes them part of the same layout within the album.

I even threw on a resin flower and a few blingy bits too.

Tomorrow I will endeavour to do an update on my gym training and C25K programme as well as my lessons so far.  I will try.  I will try.....

Bye for now xx


  1. ADORE the pink flowers. GORGEOUS take on the 4x6 photo project :)

  2. Fab take on Shimelle's LO!
    Alison xx

  3. Beautiful! This really rings a bell with me - Ballet Day used to be the best and the worst day of the week. I loved seeing them all dancing around and sitting listening to the music, but I used to really sweat it racing up the road from school to get to class on time and park in the tiny carpark with the extra narrow spaces!

    Yes, I think the tags would be perfect for JYC - go right ahead :)

  4. oh how gorgeous, the photos are brill and the delicate and very pretty papers and trims make it all look super!! love it!

  5. To say this is beautiful somehow doesn't seem enough, it's truly stunning

  6. Hi very cute laouts even cuter little tot. Having 6 of my own I remember the deaded ballet class and that was Danae my daughter not me she hated it.. naturally me not being a pushy mother it didnt last long. xx
    Love your pages and the 10 on 10th good to recognised some supplies there to. x
    I really connected with your profile description but dont know how to message you privately? x


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