Thursday, 22 September 2011

Another 7 days of LSNED

First of all I wanted to say thank you for all your lovely words about my new DT role with S J Crafts.  I'm really excited and also a little bit nervous about it but I really appreciated your comments.

*WARNING*  Shocking photo below!

8th - I like this.  (Obviously I'm not talking about the sunburned beetroot look on my face or the rather plump silhouette!)  There are just so many things I have learned in the last couple of weeks about exercise, being in the gym, and running.  Most of all I realised that I actually look forward to my runs.  This needs to be a layout for sure.

9th - Jalapenos Rock.  Although being on a diet means some things are for special occasions only, chillies can liven up many dishes with no calories.  I never used to like omelettes but with jalapanos in I absolutely love them.  I have taught myself to make them so they are light and fluffy and totally delicious with a salad. Chillies are my friend.

10th - B can make a smoothie. The kids had fun at the local agricultural show where one of the stands was about healthy eating and they were encouraged to make wraps and smoothies.  But it didn't mean she had to drink it.

11th - Raspberries are not blueberries.  After running out of blueberries, which I have EVERYDAY in my muesli, I was forced to try raspberries instead.  I love them in yoghurt but they did not work at all with my breakfast.  We must never run out of blueberries again.

12th - She loves corn-on-the-cob.  This is such a great time of year for produce and it looks like B is joining the rest of the family in loving sweetcorn.  Shame it has a rather unfortunate after effect though...

13th - It sort of works.  I've been promising myself one of these garlic crushers for a couple of years now since I first saw them at the local agricultural show.  It makes a paste out of the garlic and things like ginger but it also grates chocolate, nutmeg and nuts quite finely too.  The end bits are tricky though...

14th - I have a new flower.  I saw this flower on Kirsty Wiseman's blog and I love it even though it went a bit wrong.  I have lots of ribbon so I will definitely be using this technique again.  Sometimes doing it wrong can be the right thing.

So that's the first couple of weeks of September done and I am already planning a layout for all the fitness stuff I have learned.  I've got lots of journalling to fit on so while I'm on the treadmill doing my C25k, I'm also mentally working out how I can fit loads of writing on without it becoming a page full of text!  Hey, it makes the time pass and that's all good, yes?!  Crafting on the treadmill, is that extreme scrapping or what?!

Bye for now!



  1. Great photos Lisa-jane. Where did the lovely cameo come from in the cornder of that last layout?

    ** Kate **

  2. We can both be nervous together Lisa-jane!!

    Great photos and your flower looks perfect. Good luck with the exercise and diet xx

  3. Im nearly up to date... just yesterdays and todays to catch up.... love the flower gonna have a look in a mo....Well done with the dieting I know how hard that is...
    Loving the pics ... xx

  4. Well done with the dieting and exercising!
    Alison xx

  5. Way to go on the exercising and keeping to the diet :)

  6. You have some really lovely photos in this post - it was a pleasure to read!

    Thank you so much for your lovely supportive comment on my post. I hope you will love the new magazine, I think it's going to be a smart read!

  7. Great lessons! I love chillies but hubby hates them so I don't get them too often. I love the pic of your daughter eating sweetcorn, I have a very similar photo of my daughter! It's such a fun food! x

  8. I think a weekly post is a good idea - I may try that next year. I am starting to slip and not even getting a note in my diary every day.


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