Monday, 27 September 2010

12 years of wedded bliss.....

Oh my goodness, what a wonderful weekend we've just had.  It was our 12th wedding anniversary and my mum offered to look after the children overnight which was incredibly generous and a total out of blue surprise.  I had my hair cut Saturday morning and then my mum came over so we could start our weekend away.  We popped into Winchester for lunch and it was so lovely and sunny but cold, a perfect autumn day.  I went into a shop I thought sold paper-crafting stuff but it was mostly painting and drawing products.. until I went downstairs.  However I didn't see anything that I couldn't get cheaper elsewhere, or anything that I felt I just had to have, so for once in my life, I came away empty handed!  We went to a fusion place for lunch and had Thai green curry and a Malaysian prawn dish - both very nice.  Then I treated myself to some new slippers in M&S with suitably hard soles for the bashing I will give them.  We also treated ourselves to some chocs from Thorntons - oh yes I was blowing my diet big style this weekend!

We headed out to our lovely hotel, Lainston House, just outside Winchester centre.

It has lovely grounds which would have been nice to wander in but we were in the mood for sitting about, drinking tea, and reading..nothing more.

 Our room was fabulous....

It was an attic room so the light and therefore photos, were a bit dark, but you get the idea.  

 There was a buzzy bee Do Not Disturb sign (it tells people to buzz off!) - how cute is that?!

The food was expensive and wasn't of the level we expected.  It was still wonderful but we've had tasting menus in the past which were stunning and obviously very filling but without the delicious rolls I probably wouldnt have felt that I had eaten such a huge meal.

But of course, these things never last and we were soon back at home.  The children had been totally fine without us which was such a relief and only Isabella had her tights on back to front!  We were so pleased to see them and spent the rest of the day catching up on cuddles and having a lovely walk in the cold sunshine.  A wonderful time that we will cherish forever.

Bye for now.

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