Thursday, 9 June 2011

4x6 photo love for May

I think this might be my new favourite layout!

I used Shimelle's "4x6 photo love" sketch for May so we're using 5 photos which is a help to anyone who has loads of photos of the same thing and yet can't bear not to scrap them all!

I couldn't resist using my new wave punch on this layout and I also got to use some dies that I bought last year and haven't touched.  I've been saving the gorgeous aqua woodgrain paper and this was the perfect time to use it.  With all the letters and 3 sheets of patterned paper used, it is probably one of my most expensive layouts ever but there are scraps left over and I didn't use a single "e"!

In keeping with the video of ideas from Shimelle, I painted on some Glimmer Mist around the straight edges.  Except that mine is so subtle that it is pretty much invisible!  I used Dazzling Diamonds, which is the first mist I ever owned, as I didn't want to add colour just glimmer.  I painted the lines and then added some to the clusters but I don't think I will bother with that colour again!

Ample journalling room gave me space to witter on about how much I loved watching the kids poking around in the rockpools, whatever the weather.   The beach at Newport in Pembrokeshire is wide, hard, sandy and quiet so you can drive your car onto it and set up camp for the day with as much stuff as you like.  This is brilliant when you have children and an elderly relative with you and it also means that there is plenty of sand to play on without being near the water.  The rockpools are what the children love best though and we spent many happy hours there pottering about looking for ever bigger crabs or more and more unusual specimens. We can only assume it will be the same again this coming summer.  And that's totally fine with me :-)

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  1. fabulous pages and fantastic photos xx
    Thankd for your comment, glad to hear that we're not the only ones who were subject to the Gay Gordon!! lol!

  2. I've been saving up a bit of that paper too!

    This is fantastic - room for all the photos and the journaling and it all fits in beautifully.

  3. This is a great LO. I love the fact that you can keep the photos full size. I love using lots of pics but end up making them small so that I can get them on a 12x12 paper.
    Your wave punch is gorgeous. Rock pooling has to be the best fun doesn't it.
    Hugs Lisax

  4. Gorgeous - I love your layout! I already have that wave punch and it really was worth the money! To have the landscape picture on the left side is a great idea - the LO looks totally different! Have to think of that next time....

  5. Hello Lisa-Jane! It was lovely of you to visit my blog and leave a nice comment about the scary Disaster and the Big Cupboard!

    I thought I'd return the visit and have had a little look around. I'm going to add your blog to my "Follow" list for sure!
    Love this double layout. I have made quite a few double pages, over the years, yet they only seem to have "come into fashion" recently - they were definitely "out" for quite a while. Does that make me a renegade, an old-fashioned girl, a fuddy-duddy, or a trend-setter, I wonder?
    Haven't had much time for scrapping recently. Busy with Wedding orders... so much to do... So why am I blog-hopping at 10:30 on a Wednesday morning? Hum... why indeed? Better go and bind books! You're welcome to drop by my blog any time. I'm part-way through writing the next post - some time soon, I will publish it, honest!

  6. Great job with Shimelle's sketch! Love the blue woodgrain paper and the wave edges. Looks like a great holiday!

    I've been weeding through my blog reader, too. It's been neglected so long it's overwhelming. Don't worry, you're in the 'keeper' folder!


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