Friday, 18 November 2011

Creative Stash Diving - Layout 1

A little break from the Christmas themed stuff here...

This is the first of the 11 layouts that I made from the creative stash diving prompt in Shimelle's Pretty Paper Party.  It is my beautiful girl on the beach in Pembrokeshire having a wonderful time just chilling and pottering about.  She loved just watching all the activity and the dogs and the boats etc.

I had to use a rock in the garden to hold the pages down while I photographed them.  Its definitely getting harder to find a decent slot in the day to get good light.

I added some shell buttons and some normal buttons but looking at it now I think I want to snip the threads a bit shorter.  I tried to leave them but its just not me!  I love the colours and the papers but I'm not sure about the whole thing overall.

It was definitely the embellishment bit that I struggled with here and I think it will be the same on some of the others.  Its been really interesting to scrap in this crazy way as it challenges you in various ways but also teaches you a lot about how you normally scrap and which bits you struggle with and take up your time!

I'm stuck on the sofa with a poorly girl today - just a cough / cold but it affects her breathing a fair bit.  Seeing these photos though she is now upset that she can't go to the beach!  That's my girl ;-)

Bye for now


  1. Love the layout it looks good. I often struggle with embelishments to more the placing of and not puting on to many. I like Shimelles grouping things and pulling colours together Ive tried to do that more.I enjoyed the pretty party prompts but havent managed to be brave enough to cut all my papers yet? Actually cant recall what we were to start with?
    Hope your little girl is better soon and enjoy the feet up bit . xxxx

  2. beautiful photos, hoping your daughter has a speedy recovery!

  3. The double-spread looks great. I love the little bit of layered detail up in the top left, and the photos are so cute! I would probably have to cut the threads shorter too, though I like the placement of the buttons being a bit haphazard. It makes me think of pebbles scattered on the sand. x

  4. Great start to the stash diving..hope your invalid is improving!
    Alison xx

  5. I love this layout! The colours are great and the photos just so cute! Hope she is feeling beter now. My daughter has been off school today as well, had a high temp & sore throat but seems loads better tonight, thankfully. xx

  6. The simple straightforward clusters of embellies are perfect to frame the great photos of your beautiful daughter.

    Brilliant layout, I love it :)


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