Saturday, 19 November 2011

A story that was missing

I have some photos in my drawer to scrap that are just there because I like the picture.  Others, like this one, are there for the story.  Its not the clearest picture in the world as I had left the camera in the car overnight and it was taking a while to adjust to the warmer air in the house.  And there is no camera in the world that can make a child pose the way you want and stay like that until you are ready for them to move!

It was one of those moments when everything comes together.  A "peak experience" for the psychologists among you.  It was the sort of moment I had dreamed of when I thought about becoming a mum.  My Dad had bought B this little cradle and she had a new dolly from her Nanny.  Watching her putting her new baby into the crib and carefully putting the blanket over her and rocking her to sleep, made my heart burst.  How do little ladies know how to do this?  She was totally absorbed and looking so pretty in her little dress.  Its a simple thing really, watching a little girl playing, but it is moments like these that pull me back from the brink sometimes and make it all worthwhile.  These are the moments I live for.  These are the moments I need to craft about.  It is my therapy.

It makes me so excited about this coming Christmas too.  We went into town today to watch the lights being switched on.  They were both really excited to see Father Christmas and he was a pretty good one too.  L whispered to me that he knew that he was the really real one, you know, the ACTUAL one.  I cherish these moments and wonder how long it will be before they don't believe?  There is such a small window when you have more than one child, or all of the children understanding about Christmas and yet still believing in it too.  We are in this window this Christmas and I intend to make the most of it.

This layout was brought to you by the Christmas Crafting Weekend with Shimelle.

What Christmassy things are you up to this weekend?  Enjoy them, whatever they may be :-)

Bye for now


  1. Beautiful LO and are right- these are precious years
    Alison xx

  2. It's a magical photo, no doubt about it!


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