Wednesday, 7 December 2011

WOYWW 131 - no space!

Last week I shared my normal crafting table, covered in Christmas presents about to be wrapped, and the arm of my chair.  This week, it is just the table and it is STILL covered in stuff to be wrapped.  Seriously I don't mind it but I wish I could just pull down another table on top so I can carry on crafting for a bit!  I am going to finish it all tonight, absolutely, because I am now 7 days behind on Journal Your Christmas and I HATE that.  It is supposed to be about finding little slots of time to relish the season and that is what I should be doing.  Instead I have been mopping up sick (my little man), distributing inhalers (my baby girl), attending solicitors appointments (my Dad and the probate saga), soothing worries (my brother), soothing worries (my niece but not in relation to her Father), and spending a LOT of wasted time at the parcel depot.  I made 4 attempts, the final one took 45 minutes and I refused to leave without my precious parcel.  It was a Santa Sack from October Afternoon and it was worth the wait.  You can just see some of the fabulous contents on the table there, calling my name, saying use me now!

Of course, while I was out getting that parcel, my Christmas present to myself another pizza box, choc full of sale stuff) was attempting to be delivered so guess where I am going on the way home from the school run later.... *sigh* I hate wasting time more than anything, especially when I hear of people for whom time has run out suddenly, like dear Sarah Lawrence, a fellow blogger and crafter, who never got to share all her many ideas and skills as she wanted.  I feel proud to be part of the blogging community with the kindness and compassion and the sharing of ideas that goes on around the world and I love being part of WOYWW.  Why don't you join in too?  Share your space, wherever it may be, whatever it is that you do, and link up with other like minded people on Julia's Blog.

17 sleeps till Christmas... how are your preparations coming along?

Bye for now


  1. You're so right - all the hassle and racing around chasing our tails is brought sharply into perspective by events like the death of Sarah Lawrence. Small nuisances really aren't worth getting hassled over, are they? It's time to give our loved ones a hug and enjoy our life as we live it. You have had more than your fair share this week, haven't you? I hope things even out for you in the run up to Christmas.
    Julia and I deffo want to meet up but it#s going to have to be in the New Year now - that's something to look forward to in early 2012 :)
    Hugs, LLJ #3 xxxx

  2. LLJ has said it all!!!
    The post office is a nightmare at this time of the year isn't it. Luckily we have a brilliant postman who leaves parcel tucked away in a little secret place if we are out so rarely do I have to trek to the parcel depot.
    Thanks for the heads up on those cute cups from last week. I loved the look of them.
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisx #61

  3. sounds like you need a little "me" time and what better than the arrival of your goodies.

    I hope it all settles soon for you xx

  4. I'm with Louise, girly you need some "me" time. So stop and relax, trust me nothing is so important that you can't take a tiny break for you :)

  5. Yay you got your Santa Sack. Are you going for another and did you have to pay any import taxes???
    Should I join WOYWW?

  6. Yep, seize the day. Even if you have to spend it wrapping up pressies! I always under estimate how long it takes and has become one of my least fave jobs! Console yourself, your time is being taken up distributing kindness....and that's very important. We're proud to be part of a community that includes YOU.

  7. I think you should make a page that simply says "I was very very busy" and stick that in your Christmas album to cover the first few days :)

    The Santa sack looks fab - I was tempted, I have to admit but stopped myself at the last minute. Maybe that was a mistake..

  8. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. The snowflakes are peel-offs. I LOVE tea bag folding, is my favourite technique. It can be as easy or hard as you want it to be and there's free instructions on the internet!

  9. Yep...seize the day. do it now....which means I'll probably not be tidying my mess this week, just finishing my craft stuff and other things I've let slide. Thanks for my snoop!Have a great crafty week,
    Happy WoYwW
    Lyn #31

  10. Talk about a creative area....very nice. And yes, there is a count down and it is upon us. Argh. Today I am finishing my shopping, tomorrow my family letter and then I will sit and wait for Santa..... Love the box on your desk...ohhhhhh lots of goodies!

  11. I can find space on my table. . . if I can *get* to it. lol I can tell when a holiday is near because I lose all the floor space in my den: laundry baskets of clothes to be put away, stacks of papers to be dealt with that I moved off the desk, boxes of gifts to be wrapped. . . So my recommendation is to put some things on the floor temporarily to make room to craft. :-D

  12. Busy busy busy! What a time of year it is!! Hope everyone gets over their sickness soon, and you manage to get through the probate maze without too much trouble. Happy belated WOYWW, Shoshi #53


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