Wednesday, 10 October 2012


How cute is my little man here?  I can't believe this was over 5 years ago and yet he is still as smiley and cheeky as he was back then.  

The journalling, for those without magnifying glasses, reads: I definitely think that I was more excited than anyone about your birthday.  To be honest, I didn't think we'd get there, plus I was bored of the same toys!"

The funny thing is that looking at the toys in the photos here, I remember how little he had back then and how crazy the amount they now have between them.  We had an Adam's style fireplace (a brick opening, as wide as the actual fireplace with nothing inside it) and inside there we had a set of small shelves for his toys.  In front of this was one of those folding plastic baskets where we used to keep his books.  That was it, one bucket of books that we read over and over.  Now we have shelves and shelves and shelves of books for both of them and I still find myself buying more.  When I think of the amount of "schtuff" we have now, I wonder how we would have managed if we hadn't moved into the suburbs.  I certainly wouldn't have my own craft room with approaching 15 albums of layouts that's for sure ;-)

Bye for now


  1. The growth of childrens' toys is exponential. I think! From very little (and mostly secondhand) to enough Lego to sink a battleship :)
    Your LO is really lovely, takes me back 18 years...sigh...
    And I'm really sad that you can't make Saturday :( Bloomin' OU lectures...!
    Hugs, LLJ #50 xx

  2. Ditto the toys here!
    George's toys used to go in one small pine box.
    He's nearly 15 and he still has tons. I must get in there and cull them

    Lovely layout BTW Cosmo Cricket perchance?

  3. your page is gorgeous and made me smile...i so remember those days!

    that's a serious number of album's you have there. I've never counted mine now i sit here totting up in my head and am shocked as mine must be near on the same!!

  4. Ah yes I remember those days well. We had a plastic treasure chest that fitted under the coffee table and hid everything!

  5. That is a beautiful page x

  6. What a sweet page with fun details! They sure do grow up fast.

  7. Oh yes, the days when you could really tidy up :D

    I have waged war against the plastic c**p on a daily basis for years...I am coming out the other side, not much now the youngest is 8. A box of lego, and a million moshi monsters.

    Fab layout, aww 1. What a magic birthday. xxx

  8. You did a great job with this layout! There's so much little boy energy, it's so fun. Amazing how much stuff kids accumulate isn't it? I have three kids and the toys are taking over the house!

  9. He is completely cute - that how cute he is!! And your page does those photos justice. Nice work.

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  11. Lisa you're pages are always so stunning, you're one of those people who can cram a lot in and it looks wonderful, never too much, always just right. Kids and their toys! That's what the garage is for!!


  12. Ah, we have sooooo many toys. Sometimes I feel like they are taking over the house, and seeping into my very being! We buy a lot at car boot sales because they are cheap, and then of course the kids get spoilt by grandparents. But still little miss wants more! She keeps asking for things off the telly adverts. I've stopped saying 'maybe at Christmas', and started saying a flat 'no' now for most things. Does she think we live in a toy shop?!

    Sorry about that rant. I love your page, the rosettes look great! x

  13. what an adorable page! Love the rosettes!

  14. Those albums seem to filled up incredibly quick, don't they ? I haven't got 15 yet but I think I might have enough LOs to fill 4or 5 more...I am not very good when it comes to putting pages into album.

  15. Stoping by from Jennifer's Soiree. I love the rosettes. They are very sweet. It's amazing how the toy explosion happens once kids turn one!


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