Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Another card!

I've been making a few cards lately, some for my DT work, but I've been inspired by Jaki who hasn't bought a card in years.  I have all this stash here, much of which would look better on a card than a scrapbook page, and I realised I had no excuse not to embrace card making in the full.  Of course I chose the wrong time for this epiphany because it is a time of many birthdays and a lot of thanks to be given that should have been given ages ago.  But I shall start with this one as I know the recipient has opened it.  

My youngest niece was 21 last week so I wanted to make something really special for her.

I used some much adored papers from Henbury Lane by Papermania and lots of purple bling.  I'm enjoying making quadrant cards and I have learned a lot in the last couple of weeks or having a go at them.  The most important thing is that you have to measure the precise bit of the card that you are working on... ahem...  Don't think that a 6 inch square card is what it says it is.  The top and the bottom are different sizes (ever so slightly) and they are not square.  They also fold in different directions.  I may have said a rude word or three making this card!

I fussy cut the butterflies from the rose printed paper to use as the stopper and added some felt die cut butterflies from the same range.

21... seems such a long time ago...

Bye for now


  1. Ah, you're card making, Helen is liking the idea of a desk...we're all getting to each other!! As usual for you m'dear, this is a beauty.....your attention to precision pays off beautifully!

  2. Inspired by moi? I'm honoured! Christmas 2004 was the last time I purchased a card! I have never made anything as intricate as that, it is stunning.
    Take care

  3. Just one word .... Gorgeous!! xxx

  4. Doesn't it just? seem a long time ago I mean.

    It's a stunning card - bet she stores it away safely somewhere. I know I would

  5. very very pretty LJ. It feels good to make cards doesn't it - even if the odd naughty word slips out lol!

  6. Ooh it's lovely Lisa-Jane. I've not tried any of these fancy card designs yet, just standard A5 folded in half. I really should have a go.

  7. What a lovely card...and yes, 21 seems a VERY long time ago!
    Alison xx

  8. What a pretty card! I do love giving handmade cards, it feels so much more personal. x

  9. So beautiful. Love your two layer butterfly. Card making is a great way to use your extra scrapbook supplies and it gives you a quick sense of accomplishment, too.

  10. Oh this is such a beautiful card x


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