Sunday, 4 November 2012

It was a dark and stormy night...

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This month, Sian gave us the prompt of "It was a dark and stormy night" which got me thinking about how much I love a good storm.  We're lucky that we live in a part of the world where they are not that frequent, dramatic or devastating but it does mean a lack of available material!

I wondered, should I tell you about my first big storm, the Great Storm of October 1987 that everyone remembers because of poor old Michael Fish, but actually not much happened to us.  Or the January storm 2 years later where my old moped couldn't cope and I had to push it home against the wind, but that all happened in the daytime.  How about that fabulous night 20 years ago on the balcony in Gibraltar with Management, with lightning illuminating the entire sea in front of us?  Er.. no, its not THAT sort of blog.

In the end I asked Management "Can you think of a dark and stormy night?"  His eyes glazed over and a smile twitched at his lips "Gibraltar."  "No, not that one, its for my blog."  "Ah, I see, no not that one then. Erm... the Outback?"  "YES!"

As part of our Round The World Trip, we had to coincide several parts of the world in the 'wrong' season.  One of those parts was Australia, particularly the outback and Northern Territory.  They have a wet season there which runs from December to May but it is also incredibly hot so the climate when we were travelling there was humid, so humid in fact that it melted my nail varnish off!  We travelled around Alice Springs on a tour bus visiting Uluru and Kata Juta and most of the time we slept under the stars in swag bags.  At least some people did, I don't think I slept at all.

Desperately trying to sleep on the first night of our trip to Uluru.
We headed north from Alice Springs to Darwin making stops in various sparsely populated, widely spaced places heading for Katherine Gorge so we could do some kayaking.  We saw many amazing things along the way including this termite mound.  This is the last photo we took with our old 35mm camera which finally died after a rather fun bus journey but that's another story.

That night was the first night that retreated inside the tents which were really just canvas huts with 4 racks for sleeping on.  There is such a lack of civilisation in that part of Australia that at night it really is pitch black because there is no haze of light from local towns and obviously no street lights etc.  It really is rather surreal.  There was a terrific lightning storm that night but it was far enough away that we could just sit and watch like fireworks.  One guy played guitar and another played the didgeridoo and we sat on little stools with a stubby beer watching the storm circling around us and literally feeling like it was lighting up the world.  It was one of those nights that you don't want to end yet it wasn't full of expense or crazy partying.  I often wonder if the other people on the trip think back to that night and how beautiful it was in its natural wildness.  We didn't escape the rain that night and it came down so hard that it flooded the ground within seconds and came in through the sides of the tent which was not so beautiful.

Obviously this is not my picture, see the credits below, and we were not anywhere near Uluru when we saw our storm but this fantastic shot gives you an idea of the sort of stunning show we were treated to.
I don't expect to ever again experience a storm like I did that night.  Now its back to my usual storms which normally involve heavy rain on the school run!

If you've got a scary or stormy story, or any story really, please do link up and share it with others, we love to read.

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  1. LOL at the preamble - what an amazing experience in a wonderful setting. TFS

  2. great story, I would love to see the night sky in Australia. My daughter says it is the most wonderful experience. Thank you for sharing

  3. that must have been a great experience and thanks for finding that photo it looks a splendid show

    ps we all want to know the other stormy story ;) lol

  4. How fabulous to witness such a show from a distance. Nature is a wondrous thing. Glad Management can still remember your stormy nights too!

  5. What a wonderful story this is - it's got a bit of everything: atmosphere, spice, the works! It gave me smile, it made me wonder about that big wide world out there and the bits I still have to see..perfect!

    Thanks for this one Lisa-Jane. It's brilliant.

  6. Great, great story and your reference to Gibraltar made me laugh.

    What a thing to have cool.

  7. What a great story and fabulous picture. I would love to see a sky like that.

  8. You are such a good storyteller... and hae fab photos aof your travels!!!

  9. What an amazing thing to have seen....LOL at the Gibralter references!
    Alison xx

  10. Glad you had Gibraltar :lol: Fun story. Gorgeous sky shot too - we have friends who brought us a CD of Australian storms 'the best in the world' :)

  11. We do have great storms down here and the wet season is something to believe. I am also really impressed that you used the traditional names for landmarks - many people don't!

  12. Great story about nature's fireworks - I guess Gibraltar was a whole different kind of fireworks!

  13. wow storms like that are totally amazing thanks for sharing your story

  14. I absolutely love lightening - there is nothing else quite like it. Seeing it against a black sky is amazing. I am glad you have happy memories of the wet season in the NT. I mostly remember the rain :-) and the heat!

  15. I hate storms but I think even I'd have enjoyed this one. You write beautifully, Lisa. It sounds like a wonderful experience.
    You asked about the flowers on my blog. They were done from a flower punch, but you could just as easily use a die. If you want to know how to do them I'd be happy to show you.
    Hope you are having a good week.
    Hugs Lisax

  16. you made me smile - super story and i agree the night sky in Aus is incredible as are the storms. You were braver than me though sleeping under the stars xx

  17. There's something about travelling that makes you look back on certain moments with passion, isn't there? Great story! x

  18. Wow that certainly was a night you'll never forget! x


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