Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Its Wednesday, so its WOYWW, so let's get straight down to business - no time to shilly shally.  I have officially finished all of the layouts I can possibly get from the collection I've been working on through Shimelle's class.  The one you can see on the desk is the penultimate layout.  I just about have enough scraps left to eek out a Valentine card for Management - ssshh don't tell him, just between us 'kay?
I was enjoying a little play (hence the full cuppa) Tuesday afternoon when I took this during a brief moment of sunshine - hurrah!  I really feel for anyone experiencing floods etc right now - it is truly awful.  There can't be much more water left in the sky to fall can there?!

Last week I mentioned that I was heroically trying to log all my layouts / blogged projects / photos etc and part of that is filing this pile of layouts!  You can see the spotty tablecloth that I used to have on my desk which some of you might remember.  You can also see why I choose to use Taffy pink albums by American Crafts :-)
Its been a creative hive of activity here at Crazy Towers.  Miss Bella wanted a friend to come over to make a Facebook page!  Kinda cute that she got it mixed up but she did actually mean a scrapbook page obviously. I knew I would have to tackle the children's art room in order for this to take place - gulp!

Being by the back door means all manner of outside items get left here.  It leads through to the utility so it bugs me that it is so messy.
There was nothing else for it.  It had to be done.  I put some funky music on, grabbed another cuppa and set to it.  I'm pretty pleased with the results but I just need to keep on top of it!
The insect home you can see on the windowsill there is patiently awaiting our baby stick insects to be big enough not to be able to squeeze through the holes!  We have 6 so far of just under an inch long.
The trolley on the left is what I sort the washing into, nothing to do with crafts at all.  The basket on top is full of Slimming World magazines that I need to sort through and pull out the recipes.  The shelves there are also the place where I keep my vases etc.

Our little guest took to scrapbooking like a duck to water and was overheard to say "I love your house.. I really love doing this!"  Also Louis finished a lovely page which I promised I would show on the blog very soon and said he had forgotten how much he enjoyed scrapbooking!  This all made my heart literally sing!  I find it hard to have little friends to tea but it is part of my One Little Word progress and I have to say that it was lovely to see the three of them sat there singing along to the radio and cutting and sticking while I pottered about at the stove.

Anyway, enough about the crafting going on here, what's going on where you are?  Pop over to Julia's Stamping Ground to link up with other desks around the world.

Bye for now


  1. A lovely busy desk, and a lovely organised space :-)

    Nice to hear the children enjoying it too. xxx

  2. I remember your pink polka dots well! How wonderful to have a dedicated space for the children to get creative in. My two would have loved that when they were a bit littler.

  3. Love your overhead desk shot - so much to see... hope your tea didn't get cold!
    Happy WOYWW :)
    no. 26

  4. Wow, great tidying up session you had there. It looks great! Ad how lovely that you introduced another little girl to crafting :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 39 xx

  5. "I really love doing this" - how perfect is that? Says it all really

  6. Woo hoo so much creativeness on your desk .... you really are in the scrappin' zone this year!! :) Me thinks Little Miss will need her own scrappy stash soon!! xx

  7. Woah! TIDY for real! good job done by you, great space waiting for another mess up ?
    Jo x

  8. Lovely busy desk and a fab job on tidying up the art room.
    Happy Wednesday,
    Karin #85

  9. Good for you getting all organised!
    Karen #44

  10. This was a great post Lisa-Jane.Love your desk, and I am doing just what you are..tidying.Doesn't it feel great!!!It is absolutely necessary in order to be creative and continue to be creative I reckon.
    We're having a trying Heat Wave here, so tidying is what I can do to feel good.Thanks for visiting and leaving nice comment.
    Judy #6

  11. That is so tidy and organised. It is amazing how many children are never allowed to play with "messy" stuff and to create scrapbook pages and experiment with paint and glue. No wonder the friend loved your house. Hope you are clear of floods etc. have a good week. xx Maggie #15

  12. ahhh mine all have scrapbooks they created when they were younger. You won't get them anywhere near a layout now...make the most of it X

  13. You did a great job with tidying up and it's great to hear that the kids really enjoyed scrapping x


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