Saturday, 8 March 2014

It will be fine...

Its been a little while since I shared any of the layouts from Shimelle's Return to the Collection class and I still have a couple more to go.  Here I used a Papermania kraft sheet for the background and more of the Echo Park For The Record collection.  I also misted a little in the corners and did some painting and stamping to add detail and layering. 
I promised that I would explain the background to this unexpected holiday and this layout really does that so this will be the first page in the Kos section of the album.   I can't remember where this photo was taken so I used it as a reason to scrap the backstory a little. 
On the journaling block, in case you can't read it, I've written what we were thinking at the time.  We hadn't expected to be on holiday at all because I should have been about 6-7 months pregnant at the time.  We had lost our first baby at 5 months a few weeks before this and I had been in and out of hospital and we'd been through tests and the funeral and were still waiting on the results of the tests while we were away that would determine if we could go ahead with trying for another baby. 

We decided to take a last minute booking and have some much needed R&R time together but we couldn't really forget for more than a few minutes.  I drank water at a fertility fountain, we tried to get healing vibes from the Esclipion, anything and everything to try and get us back on the road to being parents as quickly as we could.  We ate lots, chilled out watching England win the Ashes and relaxed as much as we could but I ended up getting tonsillitis and laryngitis! 
We had a lovely time though and when we got back we received the news that we were clear to try for another baby and thankfully we got pregnant again straight away.  I wish I could have told myself that the results would be good and we would have our family before long.  I wish I could have told myself that it would all be fine.
Bye for now


  1. So sorry to hear you've been through all of that X

  2. A really moving, honest post. Bravo

  3. So glad you had the courage to try again you, are such a brave and great Mum.


  4. wow that is an emotional story... so glad it had a happy ending xxx

  5. Such heartfelt journalling, Lisa Jane...well done
    Alison xx

  6. Well done you for journalling and creating layouts about this time of your life. I still can't do it .... yet ... but seeing your lovely layout is making me feel I'm getting closer to being ready! My heart goes out to you that you went through this but it means your two beautiful children are even more special and precious! xxx

  7. A very emotional story and a beautiful layout xx

  8. Oh my LJ...i can only imagine what you both went through and how it's had an impact on your life now xx big hugs xx


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