Wednesday, 12 March 2014


What have we here then?  Not much in the way of crafting I can tell you.  We are considering putting our house on the market and the potential move may involve me losing my precious studio.  What will I do?!  I want to scratch myself at the mere thought of not having my own place to craft.  I guess I need to start getting rid of stuff...

Here is this week's offering if you've come for a browse around the desks with WOYWW courtesy of Julia at the Stamping Ground.  
Evidence of some sorting out is pretty much all that's available this week.  We got rid of a load of videos but I had an inkling in the back of my addled mind that someone somewhere had a brilliant use for the empty cases.  I think it might have been something to do with cling stamps.  A brief peruse of Pinterest and Youtube yielded nothing so maybe I imagined it.

In the middle there is very very old evidence of a former crafting life.  I used to like drawing as a teen.  Nothing out of my own head, all copied and all cartoon style, but I obviously liked them enough to cut them out and keep them.  I also found some early poetry that I had penned - phew lots of teen angst there!

I almost didn't join in this week as I didn't manage to get around anyone last week and I sincerely apologise for that.  My littlest great nephew was a poorly boy and in hospital for a few days and it threw things out a bit and then my puter decided to have a funny five minutes which seemed to effect it from then on.  It is mostly sorted now apart from the screen looks a bit different in Chrome but I can live with that... *twitch*

So, regular WOYWW-ers - any idea who or where I might have seen someone doing something clever with storage using video cases?  Do let me know if you can think of anyone!

Bye for now


  1. My mum is in the throws of moving and has lots of crafting stuff so we know where you are coming from on that one. Good luck, we all need it, it's very hard to get rid of precious treasures.
    Lynn 48

  2. I say, don't do anything in haste. See how things pan out first.
    I used to love drawing too and hardly ever make time to do it these own fault, I know. I think that'll be one thing I should make an effort to do this year. Was never a poetry writer though...
    Hugs, LLJ 41 xx

  3. Goodness, moving, getting rid of stash and losing your crafty space, that would be enough to make me lie in a darkened room for a very long time, lol. Sounds like you've been having fun finding some old treasures though. Good Luck with it all.
    hugs Lisax #54

  4. I'm sure I've seen that idea somewhere too.

    Oh, teenage poetry! Don't remind me :)

  5. Good idea to put the cling stamps in the video cases, as you can pick them up for nothing I might try that! I loved copying cartoons too, but didn't stop at teens, have incorporated them into some of my projects!! Thanks for your kind comments on my scrapbook pages, my crafting is at an all time low at the moment.

    ~Kate~ #65

  6. We have cling stamps in old cd cases, that seems to work well.

    The house of bears @74

  7. Oh loosing your craft room ouch that will hurt try and find a house with enough space

  8. I feel your pain, having only recently got a permanent desk space back, in a corner of the lounge. SU do cases for wood mount stamps that are basically an empty video case. The slimmer dvd cases work better for unmounted.

    Fiona #87

  9. Oh no, I think I'd give up something else in order to keep my crafty space. But it is good incentive to go through stuff and organize.

    Hope your nephew is feeling better.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the nice comments.

    Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #2

  10. I saw someone last week using plastic disc boxes to store thier cutting dies and I know some people use them to store cling stamps. Happy crafting, Angela #59

  11. How wonderful to find your drawings and poetry.... teenage angst must be a delight to read when you are no longer a teenager. I hope it brought a smile to your lips. Sandra @8

  12. Best wishes as you and your husband ponder this major decision. Maybe you could simply *think* about what you could part with *if* you didn't have a whole room? Make a list with three columns: Can't Craft Without | Never Use | Use a Lot, But Could Weed Out. So maybe you can't craft without card stock, adhesive, favorite inks. Maybe you never use ribbon anymore. Maybe you love stamping, but there are sets gathering dust you never use, so you could weed through them. Happy WOYWW on Thursday! ~ Laura #14

  13. Don't be pre-emptively miserable me about your crafting space...after all, the one you're in now once had a different use in the scheme of a house, huh! don't hasten to get rid of stuff before you've even made the decision and know what the change will bring. selfishly, I wonder of you'll be considering coming closer to this area?!!! As for the video boxes, wasn't it really the same idea as DVD cases? I dunno, I never got a round to either..surprise!!

  14. I hope you don't have to lose your creative space x


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