Wednesday, 14 May 2014


I'm late to the Wednesday party this week because I had a little accident in my craft room... I lean't over the side of my chair to get something from the floor and it tipped over.  I thought I had just hurt my hip where I landed but as yesterday went on I realised I had done something to my opposite shoulder blade.  I think its triggered an old pinched nerve but it means no crafting or training today :-(  

This was my desk as I left it yesterday afternoon.  The pile of Echo Park Off The Record in the middle is for some DT work - I just love the summery colours!  The Simple Stories pile at the back is for my One Little Word project and I'll be taking that to the crop on Saturday.  The Promarkers still need labeling and putting away and the pile of magazines on the left still need to be ripped up for my OLW project too.  But it all looks better than it did the hour before!
I needed to seriously sort some stuff out as you can see.  I still can't find my heat proof mat and my heat gun which I must have put away at some point getting ready for the house sale but it will turn up.
I was trying to find my mat to make some enamel dots from some beads that I liberated from my daughter's supply.  They need a bit of work but I am pleased that I can use some of them.  The ones that are more blobby than dotty can be used by the children - win win!!  That brown bead that hasn't flattened at all was an experiment - it was an Aqua bead and didn't change shape at all but it was blue to start of with!
Talking of my daughter... she made this yesterday...  It says...

To Mummy and her friends, Love Bella

Make your own design on any coloured piece of paper.  I maked this when I was 5.

Bless her!  Setting challenges already!

Bye for now


  1. Great picture, I hope your on the mend and feel better soon! Lyns x #53

  2. I hope you're feeling better soon. I love the challenge from Bella :) xx

  3. ooh i hope you have only bruised yourself and you're back on track soon enough x x

  4. Oh how sweet of your daughter! I sure hope you feel better quickly. Ugh on the accident! Looks like lots of fun going on at your desk! #63

  5. Ouch! Hope you heal quickly lovely. I've seen those home made enamel dots around the blogosphere and wondered if they make a horrible smell while they are melting?

    Fiona #41

  6. Great writing there, Bella - I can see you've been practising :-)
    Sorry to hear you've tweaked your shoulder - it's so easily done, isn't it? I did my back in a few weeks' ago and it blooming hurt..... Hope you're better before the Crop!
    Hugs, LLJ 22 xx

  7. Oh dear you poor thing, I hope your back to your old self soon

  8. I hope your aches and pains go away soon. The papers on your desk are great - love seeing the variety. What do you do with the enamel dots?

    Your daughter has GREAT handwriting - what a great memento.

    Happy WOYWW
    Peace, Kay (*35)

  9. Ouch! I hope it clears up soon.

    Bella's design work is sooo cute. xx

  10. Cool dot spots! Oowwww! Nasty fall please take care. Sit back in a comfy chair and desk hop. :) Hugs and Happy WOYWW! Nan G #15

  11. Ouch - that sounds really painful! I hope you heal very soon. Your daughter sounds brill - obviously takes after Mum! I like the idea of making your own dots, and will look up a technique on the net, when I sign off here. Have a lovely week, and hope you find the heat gun and pad! Chris # 23 xx

  12. sorry to hear you hurt yourself - hope things are starting to ease for you now - love the dots happy WOYWW - Nicky #30


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