Wednesday, 10 September 2014


It is with regret that I show you my desk this week - it is almost embarrassingly pristine.  I say almost because I do have good reason for it to be untouched and that was that we were about to have a house viewing.  This people, is as good as my room gets!
I have done some crafting this week though at the lovely Artful Angels crop.  I started to unpack after the viewing so you can see bits of the three layouts I was working on using Echo Park.  I normally get a lot more done than this but I was viewing another house and the children came to visit for lunch and before you know it the day has gone!
I can't wait till the next one because I am fearful of getting my room messed up again.  Did I mention how much I hate this process!!!

I shall content myself with living vicariously through other people's busy spaces over Julia's for this week's What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday.

Bye for now


  1. ah Lisa Jane feeling for you in the house viewing process... hope it resolves itself without too much pain, enjoy your crafty creations, Shaz in oz.x no number yet.

  2. Oooh, hope everything is going well with the selling/buying. Fingers crossed that it all happens ok this time around :-) It's stilla good desk to peek at though!
    Hugs, LLJ 30 xx

  3. Gorgeous LO on your desk all the best with your viewings.
    Sandra de @26

  4. Your room looks amazing - what a pain having to keep it like that for viewings though, don't envy you the whole process at all, hope it all works out quickly for you. Love that scrapbook page :o) Happy WOYWW Annie C #57

  5. Hope the house viewing is successful - frustrating to have to be tidied up - love the clean look of your desk though, but hope it doesn't stay like that for too long! Thanks for sharing your workspace today. Hope you have a great day and a lovely crafting week to come. Hazel, WOYWW #45 x

  6. HI Lisa Jane, I'm glad that I had the privilege of seeing your desk so pristine. It will probably never happen again.
    I hope you get some good offers on your house. I know what a nightmare it is keeping it all tidy, especially with children in the house. All those trips to the garage where you probably have stored surplus stuff, that you just happen to need...
    I've also battled with depression, but mine was light/SAD related and we have moved to Spain and I haven't had a problem since.
    What degree are you doing? I loved the OU. It took me ages to get my degree (earth sciences) but I did it! I enjoyed the studying and the summer schools but not the exams....
    Looking forward to seeing your work when you can do more crafting.

  7. I'd buy it, with a lovely tidy craft room to play in! Hope the sale goes through quickly and smoothly, and you find just what you want. Have a good WOYWW, Chris # 34

  8. Trust you soon find a buyer for your house, Lisa Jayne. Horrid having to keep the house that tidy, isn't it? - a real nuisance - especially when you just want to get on with art and craft!!
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #4

  9. What a lovely space it is too. House viewings suck! Hope the whole process is over soon and you get where you want to be x

    Fiona #51

  10. I remember those 'pristine' days, though with a full-time daycare mine was far from pristine LOL Sending good vibes your way this is over soon and you can stay in creative mode. Creative Blessings! Kelly #67

  11. Isn't it a nice change of pace to have a clean desk? Okay, maybe not, messy is more fun. Good luck on the house process. And hello to your little buddy on the bag there.


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