Sunday 14 September 2014

Crocodile Rock

Although I haven't been able to use my studio this week (for fear of messing things up and then someone coming to view the house!), I have been able to craft at a crop and at a friend's house.  I borrowed one of Paula's magazine clippings for inspiration and created this layout using Echo Park's This and That Charming (sorry, not sure which magazine!)
The photo of my boy is blurred - I'm no photographer and so capturing excited toddlers on a dull day is beyond me!  I don't mind though - its an action shot ;-)
It marked quite a big moment for me back then.  I finally felt like I was doing the normal stuff that mums did with their children and actually achieving some of the things I thought parenting was all about.  I suffered with post natal depression during his first year and only started to feel a bit normal (whatever that is) by the time he was 2.
I think he must have been about 2 and a half in this photo.  We spent hours covering the egg box with paper and then painting it and putting it together.  He was so pleased with his crocodile creation and spent ages whizzing it around and taking it for a walk.  I was so proud of him too.  Actually... I was proud of us.

Bye for now


  1. I love this page. So much to look at and a great moment to document.

  2. ahh a super moment to capture. I loved this collection x


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