Friday, 6 May 2011

"Mummy that's really messy"

So my first attempt at using ink splats didn't go down well with L...

B had her face painted at the creche she goes to while I use the gym and I grabbed a couple of photos before she went for her nap.  Obviously the cream sheets didn't stay cream after that!

I saw this style of paper piecing in a magazine somewhere and it looked really effective.  I'm wondering on mine here though, if it needs outlining in some way, perhaps doodling or stitching each ray?

I used some Sassfrass stickers left over from last year's Scrap-a-Mia (just over a week till I go again!!), some of my Dear Lizzy stickers, and another of those great card charms.  These work out such great value and they add another dimension to my pages.  You get 6 in a pack, 3 different designs on a theme, and they are only £1 per pack.  I can't seem to go into The Works without buying a pack!

And so to the splats.  I tried spraying the mist a little bit on the turquoise heart but the cardstock went green!  I sort of liked the splats but not much but after the ruthless 4 year old critic said he didn't like it, I really went off it!  Hopefully I'll be learning how to splat properly next week at the retreat.  I'll be taking classes with Emma Trout, Michelle Jackson-Mogford, Celine Navarro and Dina Wakley.  Hhhmmm, maybe I'll need to pack an apron ;-)

Tomorrow, something Christmassy....

Bye for now xx


  1. I think the charm of the splats is that they are just that - splats! Great layout!

  2. Well I like the 'messy' splats and the paper-peiced sunshin. Great page. Thanks for your comments on my blog

  3. Ooh I love it! Especially the clusters of embellishments - fab! :)

  4. i thought the splats looked very effective, great layout. Have a lovely weekend :)

  5. Great layout and lovely photos, the splats are great


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