Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Yikes I'm still in such a fug after Scrap-a-Mia (and being in Wales for the rugby but we won't talk about that :-( )!  I did manage to have a bit of a sort out so I could see what needed doing.  So now I have a pile for each of the unfinished projects as well as a pile of things to put away including all my lovely stash that I got while I was there.  Also this morning there were a couple of sheets of card where I have been testing my inks... and I blame Dina Wakley entirely for this new obsession!
The next project to complete is that large H with all the twiddly bits on but firstly I decided to start with the thing that needed the least work to complete it which was Dina's canvas mini-album.  This was our first class of the retreat and it was WAAAAY out of my comfort zone, which is part of the point of these things for me.

 Many months ago I decided to give misting a go and did it outside like I was advised.  Of course, me being me, didn't check what the wind was doing and so it blew back in my face and made me look like I had a hideous disease.  And then of course, a couple of weeks ago, there was this messy layout which I'm still not sure about.  To start with a class that was all about misting and paint flicking was really throwing me in the deep end!  Dina was brilliant though and guided me through getting inky and messy.  And you know what, I had fun!

 My hands were grim by the end of it but Dina calls them happy hands and she was right.  We used a mask that we cut from good old paper which made me think of misting as being a bit more accessible.  Then we let loose with Dina's masks and we were all just blown away by the results.  Sometimes we'd be a bit "hhmm I dunno" and she would come past and say "oh wow!" or "so cool" and we started to realise that this was just the beginning.

 The more bits we added, the more fabby it looked.  We had little silver die-cut crowns, journalling labels, stick pins, crown stamps, dress making paper, ribbon, and our photos obviously.
 We used the mists to make the backgrounds so sometimes you get only a sneak peek, and we dyed the lace for the ties with the mists as well so they looked grungy and shabby - I did grungy, well who knew?!  Imagine how stunned and how pleased I was when she held up my little book to show how I had arranged something!  Seriously, I fell in love with inks and canvas so much that I have since bought several more!

I still need to do the journalling (just trying to find the right words) but this morning was all about getting messy with paint splats.  Oh how I wish Dina was here to old my hand today!  I decided just to do it on the cover in the end.  I used the wrist flick method and the toothbrush method.  Naturally I got more on me than on the mini-book but hey, its about the art right?

And here is where I did it all, the rickety wooden table outside my craft room.  I didn't bother to clean the table afterwards and I have decided to let it show off my arty antics.  We will see how it progresses!
Thanks for looking at my craft space today.  Want to see more?  Head over to Julia's blog for a full list of other desks you can have a nosy at.  I hope to visit lots today as B is at nursery for the first time...

Bye for now xx


  1. I'm very envious of your class with Dina (and the results!) I tend to spray inside a big cardboard box to save "blowback" outside!

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful time and learnt plenty too, your book is stunning!
    tfs today
    Hugs xx

  3. Love the Mini Book it's lovely! Not had a go at misting yet... think I'd better not :o) Great workspace, thanks for sharing.

  4. You seem to have had such a great time just playing with the new mediums. That is what crafting should be - FUN!

  5. what a fab book - just love the colours and texture!
    Thanks for sharing, have a great week.
    Sarah at 18 (Sasa)

  6. I really like that pink polka dot table cloth on your craft table - so happy! Your mini-album is totally cute. TFS

  7. Wow, i love this project. Its gorgeous and the backgrounds misting is stunning!! I have terrible trouble with them and end up with more or me than on the project too!!

  8. What a fab mini-book! I'm a bit like you, being a bit cautious with paints and messy! Oh and just being curious - whats the pretty pink book on the RHS of the photo that says 'inspire create'?

  9. What a lovely mini-book! Definitely envious of your crafting skills! Beautiful.

    Happy WOYWW!

    Sheena #66

  10. Your mini book is really fab, love it and love your journey through it. Thanks for sharing,
    JoZarty x

  11. I love love love your princess book. It is awesome!

  12. I love inky and messy! LOL at the 'blowback' think we have all done that

  13. Your canvas book is really unusual and eyecatching, nice and colourful too. It is good to work outside when the weather permits. Do check the wind direction next time though!
    Thanks for making me smile.
    Have a wonderful day!
    Sue xxx

  14. Hi Lisa-Jane, sounds like you had a great time with Dina - there's nothing like spraying and getting inky. Your canvas album is looking terrific. Have a great week. Elizabeth x #53

  15. love the canvas album! Very nice! I love stamping and painting and getting all inky! As close to heaven as anything on the earth! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #46

  16. Love the canvas book.. misting looks so good when other people do it, but mine just seems messy !
    Alison xx

  17. Brilliant work gal...if you can let yourself go with the spritzing and the squirting, do the same with the journalling - the right words are the ones that you write! Don't leave it too long...they'll be to retrospective otherwise. Bossy are't I? Sorry! Love the idea of you misting into the wind - you are sooooo not alone with that!

  18. Oh wow Lisa-Jane, what an amazing project.
    I’ve never ventured into the world of inking and masks and things but you’ve done a great job there and well worth the ‘happy hands’ so maybe it’s something I should try at some point.
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a message, its most appreciated.

    Happy Crafting!


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