Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Good morning Wednesday!

SO much going on this week on my desk, and look, no JYC (see previous post...)

So, starting at the top working clockwise, my two trimmers and my half packed bag ready for Scrap-a-Mia this weekend (almost did a little wee then).  Cup leftover from last night's hatchet job on the badge which is on the craft mat with various inks.  I've inked it, embossed it, sanded it, sworn at it, wiped it, blah blah and now I'm staring at it, lost as to what to do with it now.

Next to that we have some gorgeous purple and teal papers for a class tomorrow night.  Spent ages choosing stuff for this last night as it's not exactly my style.  I did paint and heat emboss those little dragonflies there though which made me smile.  Good to get back to some old techniques sometimes.  On the edge there, in danger of falling off, a pile of paper to be filed away, and then a basket for the layout I'm thinking about.  Lastly is that glorious die cut paper with some French style papers for a very special but very emotional layout about our angel baby.  It needs to be done but I want it to be great - do you have photos / memories like that?

So that's it.  Much to be done before the weekend, so best crack on.  But first I'll have a sneak at some other crafty desks over at Julia's.  See you there!

PS.  Lost 5 lbs at Slimming World on Monday - go me!!!!!

Bye for now


  1. Your table looks better than mine at the moment!! I've just lost 18lb at slimming world, found it really easy, hope you do to x

  2. Ooooh, a crop...have a great time....the anticipation of it is almost as fun, huh? Lovely calm desk there! Thanks for dropping in... *smile*

  3. Gorgeous colourful creative desk
    Happy Creative Wednesday
    hugs Jude x8

  4. These's a lot going on on your desk. All those colours must give you a great feeling.
    Happy WOYWW.

  5. beautiful papers, love the table pink cover, thank you for sharing. Happy WOYWW 101, not long left until the 2nd anniversary, have you done your PIF? #2

  6. My desk is such a mess! I wouldnt embarrass myself taking a pic lol!
    Good luck on the weight loss, I need to loose some desperately! I love salad tho... I just hope I dont get bored of it!

  7. Well done on the weightloss...and I'm very envious of your scrappy weekend!

  8. Another tidy craft area! And yey for the weight loss!

  9. What a great crafting space. I love your pink dotty table cloth. Congrats on your weight success.
    Hugs Lisa #114

  10. Discarded cups, piles of wobbly 'will-it-fall?' papers, stuff to be done, stuff doing, stuff just done...
    Yours is the perfect desk :)
    And got to agree on the colours of those papers... gorgeous!

  11. That's a nicely organised table, I think. Hooray for the weight loss. I should be so lucky. Lovely papers! Thanks for visiting me.

  12. The badge will be fine - I think we're all so aware of the massive number of techniques available to us that we forget to stop! 5lbs in a week - go you indeed, how marvellous!

  13. love your tablecover - so energising

  14. What a great work space, so organized and colorful - love the polka dots! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Sue #78


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