Sunday, 15 May 2011

Returning from Scrap-A-Mia

Oh my goodness I am so tired.  My head is full, my purse is empty and my hands are an inky mess but I had SUCH a ball!

We all signed this huge canvas that one of the teachers, Celine Navarro, misted for us. Creative Moments are going to keep the canvas as a reminder of the fantastic weekend.

The venue was here, the New Place in Wickham, which is in between Portsmouth and Southampton.  We were in conference facilities just behind this beautiful building but the grounds are lovely.

Two of the classes involved misting in a big way which was fantastic as it was something new for me.  There were so many colours and brands and masks to try that would be impossible at home but boy did I get in a mess!  I have a couple of mists but I've always been too scared to try them.  I used them once ages ago and I got in a mess but Dina Wakley was great and helped me to embrace the random effects and the mess.

 The strangest project of the weekend was a 3D construction with Michelle Mogford-Jackson which involved a LOT of cutting with a craft knife.  We got messy again here with Luminesce paints and Stazon inks.  It was an ambitious project and I hope I can finish it because it looked fab.

And I'm afraid that's it for today.  No finished projects to share, just a a couple of sneaks to tease you with.  Hopefully I will have a couple of completed things to share by the end of the week if I can manage to recover my brain.  I think it is in my craft bag somewhere....

Bye for now


  1. Sounds like a fab weekend, the misting looks like fun :)

  2. So glad you enjoyed your weekend...I need a workshop in misting too!
    Alison xx

  3. Looks like you had a great time, I shall look forward to seeing more of your finished work :)

  4. lol! It was great to see you again and I hope you managed to recover that brain from the bottom of your craft bag :) You have some great pictures there...can't wait to see your finished projects


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