Tuesday, 16 August 2011

3 is a Magic Number

I decided to start Shimelle's challenges with a page I had partly planned as I was desperate to just get on and scrap!  I went with her "3 is a Magic Number" challenge as I do love to use the visual triangle and / or a set of 3 clusters if I can.

The papers are My Minds Eye Fine and Dandy and the larger print was in my parcel from 2 Peas which I collected yesterday - great timing!  The title was made by covering the letters that I used here and here and ended up not being happy with either of them.  I love them here though - hurrah!

This close up shows the colours better - I would never think of using pink and orange and turquoise together but if MME say its okay then I its jolly well okay!  Don't you just love that pink ribbon ruffle too?!

And here is where we spent the previous couple of weeks.

Just behind the houses to the left, is a view of the sea, about 5 minutes drive away.  We were walking down the street here to the little village to get the papers and the bread which we did pretty much every day.  I find it so peaceful and relaxing there and I have definitely turned a corner and made some big decisions about where I go from here.  Sadly we think that will be our last visit to the house as Management's parents decline in health and old age as they are finding their journey down more and more draining.  They can't do many of the walks now and they feel a lot more isolated after a few illnesses over the previous few years.  They had planned to retire there but it became clear it wouldn't suit their needs as they aged.  Not having somewhere to escape to, especially somewhere so amazing for the children and so refreshing for me, makes my heart heavy and I cried when we left.  On the upside, it has given us many happy years of wonderful memories and plenty of scrapping fodder!  And on that note, I must get back to my craft table for another challenge.

Bye for now.

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  1. Beautiful layout. I'm sorry that you are feeling so sad, but just think of all the possibilities that now may happen


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