Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Scrapping with my boy

L and I both did some scrapping this morning while B was at nursery.  It is truly lovely to spend such quality time with my boy.  I completed another challenge from the weekend's cyber crop, this one was for "From the heart" where we had to choose something we loved without being obvious.  

My trimmer has suddenly gone blunt so I am getting an enforced distressed look on my larger papers or battling with a craft knife.  I've contacted the supplier but I feel a trip to a craft shop coming on... :-)

These photos were actually for last year's cyber crop where Shimelle challenged us to take photos of people below the knees.  Well I couldn't resist this cute pair of tootsies could I?  And as she is wearing jeans, it was another excuse to add a little denim.

And while I was doing mine, L created this one about the seals at Cardigan Island Farm Park.  He automatically asked me for a tag to write on so I think this is his "thing".  He asked if he could show Shimelle and if he could enter the challenge too so this is definitely one for her "Signature Embellishment" post.

This is all his own work, including distressing the edges of the waves.  I'm a proud mummy today :-)

The school holidays are going so quickly but we still have 2 more Wednesdays of just the 2 of us so I hope to get lots more scrapping done then.

Bye for now.


  1. I just love those toes! Such lovely pictures and you have scrapbooked them beautifully

  2. I just love both the layouts, for different reasons. 1st one I suppose is obvious, great photos, yummy papers, all round amazing. The 2nd, well what can i say, aaawwwwww I think someone has been watching mummy, how proud you must be

  3. What a clever son you have...and your LO is pretty good too!!
    Alison xx


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