Saturday, 15 September 2012

Some summing up

Its been a pretty crazy couple of months around here.  The children went on school holidays and a couple of weeks later we had a new little boy in the family.  Baby T is my Great Nephew and he is now 5 weeks old.  He and his Mum and Dad moved the week he was born and they are now sadly nearly 3 hours away so the poor little sausage gets the life squeezed out of him when he visits as we take turns to hold him.

He has been down visiting this week and so we helped out by having Harvey, their lovely Staffordshire Bull Terrier for a doggy sleepover.

Between baby-watching and doggy sitting, we've not achieved much this week I can tell you!  We just about managed to fit in a quick snuggle with my other Great Nephew, Baby E who arrived in the world last week (you might remember from this post.)  He is now a whopping 4lbs and 10oz!  Even Management managed to get a snuggle of this one!

Two babies in a week is almost more than Miss Bella can handle.  Throw Harvey the dog into the mix and we have been a little... erm... overexcited to say the least.

She has found the slightly longer days at preschool really hard to adjust to with all this extra excitement going on.  At the end of the week it was all too much for her... bless!

I was really glad to get back to a routine again and part of that routine is the monthly Artful Angels crop.  This month we were visited by Handmade Treasures with her lovely displays of ribbons and buttons that looked like a lovely sweetshop.  I admit, I broke my stash diet here but only a little bit.  I used some of the stuff on Thursday when my friend came over for a scrappy play date and I managed to catch up on a few projects.

So we are now 2 weeks into the school term and I have no plans to visit or be visited by any babies or dogs this week, or to go to or host any crops.  I've also decided that as I didn't get off to a very good start with all this going on, I am not going to try to catch up or continue with LSNED this year.  I have too much to keep me occupied to be going backwards.  I can start exercising again this week and my new course starts in about 10 days time so I need to get as much done as I can before then.  Look at all these lovely books!

My routine will be a little different from now on that it was before the summer holidays but I really hope it will take me forward as I have really stalled in the last year or so with all the goings on and I can really feel the difference in my mood.  I thought if I shared my resolutions here then I might be more accountable to actually continuing with them.  So:

I want to get back to my running and hopefully start to attend the regular Park Runs held locally.
I want to make real progress with my weight loss and head towards losing another 2 stone.
I want to engage more with the children in the precious times that we have together now.
I want to get back to enjoying cooking by planning ahead and researching my Slimming World recipe books.
I want to stay in control of the house in terms of the housework, the de-cluttering and the decorating.
I want to make positive progress with my shoulder injury.
I want to keep on track with my coursework and start to look for outlets for my work.
I want to make progress on my unfinished projects and keep adding to my haul of finished layouts.
I want to make progress with my photo workflow.
I want to be calm and happy and feeling like I am moving forward.

Feel free to nag me, if you got this far you deserve it! ;-)

Bye for now


  1. Gorgeous pics of the various children!! I appreciate you were getting down on (virtual!)paper your aims to achieve, but don't forget to add a bit of relaxation time for you in there as well :)

  2. Such wonderful pictures - I could look at them for hours!
    All the best with your resolutions. I made some a month ago and so far it's going well! Hope it's the same for you.
    J x

  3. Wow, what gorgeous, precious babies, they are looking really well. I love that one of Bella snuggling, I imagine she tried to keep him! That one of her fallen asleep is fab, some of my favourites of mine is when they have fallen asleep in odd places at odd times.

    I love your list and you have inspired me to get up and on with it again this week. I was doing really well for about 3 weeks and then last week I was derailed. Good Luck this week. x

  4. New books and new babies - what a fantastic combination! All the very best with your course - I hope you'll be keeping us updated on how it's going

  5. I saw your comment on Kate's blog ( noseycritters) ... and as we have the same name just had to pop on over and say hello

    What gorgeous pics
    Lisa x

  6. lovely photos especially DD sparko on the sofa...brings back lots of little memories! thats quite a list you have there, good luck x

  7. Beautiful pics of babies and your own children! I am giving up on LSNED as well...I just can't get my brain around it
    Alison xx

  8. I think I'm exhausted just reading your list of goals. They say it is good to write them all out like that but I find it intimidating. Good luck!!!

    Love the photo of the exhausted wee one.

    Great stash too, I can see why you broke your diet there. At least it won't harm your figure!

  9. Those photos are precious! - and stunning, what great photography. Good luck on your wants, but I know luck really has nothing to do with it. I have many similar goals and fall seems like a good time to renew the commitment to them!

  10. i enjoyed my visit today with the lovely pictures and layouts in the previous posts. i hope you do get to do all you want to do! (a lot! i have no idea how you get so much done!)


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