Sunday, 21 July 2013

The biggest roar!

I've been looking through my computer photo files recently and realising that I've still got a pile of layouts to share...  This one was completed over a year ago at a retreat!

The bright and funky papers are My Minds Eye Alphabet Soup with a sprinkling of brads, buttons and twine.

We used to have passes to the local zoo but often the tigers would be fast asleep or hiding away so we were really pleased to see one of them out and about.  I snapped a few pictures as he did an almighty yawn and then shortly afterwards Louis attempted his own version of a tiger roar.  He has since lost all three of the top teeth you can see there to the tooth fairy - my boy is growing up.

It is only 2 days until the end of term and then Louis will be off to Junior school and Miss Bella starts in Reception.  Big changes ahead.  Which makes me even keener to capture some of the memories we have already made.

Bye for now

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  1. oh how I love this page Lisa-Jane. The photos are brilliant, how you have included Louis amongst the tigers and the title..brilliant...made me smile x


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